HPD releases 911 calls for Honolulu escapee

Munet accused of attempted carjacking after escaping authorities

 UPDATED 9:17 PM HST Mar 06, 2013
Teddy Munet

Honolulu police released the audio for the 911 calls Wednesday from the day inmate Teddy Munet escaped from corrections officers at Circuit Court.

Munet eluded authorities for about 12 hours on Feb. 20.

The first caller reported an attempted carjacking on Halekauwila Street at around 8:09 a.m.  Public Information Officer for the Department of Public Safety Toni Schwartz said the attempted carjacking happened within minutes of the escape.

Caller:  "“Hi, umm I was just attempted a carjacking on Halekauwila Street. Because there was traffic on Halekauwila, somebody just came up opened my door and tried to pull me out, but I was buckled up.  There was a lot of witnesses.   I honked my horn and he ran off toward Punchbowl Street."

911 operator: “What is he wearing?”

Caller: “He was wearing black shorts and a black sweater. Local male like maybe about 5-10. Slim. Short cut hair.  He ran off toward Punchbowl Street.  He like tried to pull me out of my car.”

The caller said she was stopped in a driveway waiting to turn right.  She also said she saw corrections officers trying to run after him.

Click here to listen to the audio of the first 911 call.

A second caller reported seeing Munet on Kawaiahao Street at around 7:09 p.m.

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The state Department of Public Safety has confirmed an escapee was on the loose in Honolulu Wednesday.


Caller: “I just seen the guy on the news about the escapee.”

911 operator: “From the Circuit Court today?”

Caller: “Uh huh. He’s on Kawaiahao Street. He’s walking. He has a black long-sleeved shirt on. A Ecko.”

911 operator: “He has a black hoodie on?”

Caller: “Not hoodie. Long-sleeved shirt. It’s a Ecko brand. And he’s wearing shorts and black shoes. Kawaiahao Street.”

911 operator: “What’s the nearest intersection?”

Caller: “The nearest intersection to here where he was walking towards is going to be Ward Avenue.”

911 operator: “He’s on Kawaiahao going which direction?”

Caller: “Going towards Ward Avenue. That’s the next intersection that he’s about to hit. But he’s probably not going to be walking on the main street.”

911 operator: “He’s going makai bound?”

Caller: “Cause I don’t see him anymore.”

911 operator: “He’s going makai or mauka bound?”

Caller: “Makai bound.”

911 operator: “What’s suspicious about him? What makes you think it’s him?”

Caller: “He came up to us and asked us to use our phone and we kind of thought that was him for a moment. And we looked up his picture again on the Internet and that is him. With a tattoo on his neck.”

911 operator: “He has a tattoo of a skull on neck?”

Caller: “On his neck, yes.”

The second caller said he was about 5-feet-3-inches-tall.  Munet is actually 5-feet-11-inches-tall, according to public safety officials.

Click here to listen to the second 911 call.

Public safety officials say an internal misconduct investigation is currently underway into the circumstances leading up to the escape.

The Sheriff Division racked up $2,200 in overtime costs because of the escapee.

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