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A judge sides with parents and rules their 30-year-old son must move out

A 30-year-old man didn't get the message that it was time to move out of his parents' home, even after they left him five notices and an offer of cash to help find new digs. More>>

Philip Roth, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, dies at 85

Philip Roth, a fearless novelist who wrote about Jewish life and male sexual identity, died Tuesday night at a hospital in New York. More>>

Las Vegas casino workers may strike for first time in decades

Thousands of unionized hotel and casino workers in Las Vegas are ready to go on strike for the first time in more than three decades. More>>

5 Things for May 23: North Korea, primary results, Zuckerberg, ZTE, leukemia & germs

There won't be any more running starts in pro football, as the NFL makes a huge change to kickoffs. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today"... More>>

Suspect barricaded in Florida apartment after shooting is found dead

A suspect who had barricaded himself on Tuesday in his Panama City, Florida, home after an earlier shooting was later found dead in the residence, authorities said. More>>

Milwaukee police to release video showing arrest of NBA's Sterling Brown

In January, Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was tased and arrested after he became confrontational over an alleged parking violation, according to a police report. More>>

Yosemite National Park hiker dies in fall from Half Dome cables

A hiker fell to his death on Monday while ascending Yosemite National Park's famous Half Dome trail, the US National Park Service said. More>>

Police in Kansas handcuff black motorist over 'vegetation' in his car window

When police in Winfield, Kansas, pulled Rudy Samuel over, the 31-year-old felt he had done nothing wrong. So he started recording the encounter on Facebook Live. More>>

Teen charged in Baltimore County police officer's death, accused of ramming Jeep into cop

Baltimore County, Maryland, police arrested a teenager who allegedly admitted to using a Jeep Wrangler to fatally strike an officer who was trying to get the youth to exit the vehicle. More>>

A Santa Fe High School student died while trying to protect his art class from the shooter

As survivors describe the terror-filled moments after a student opened fire at Santa Fe High School, killing 10 people, stories of heroism are coming to light. More>>

Police use social media to find drug dealers

You know what they say about snitches! More>>

Attorney in rant that went viral says he's not a racist and offers an apology

One week after he screamed at people speaking Spanish in a New York City cafe -- a rant captured on video that quickly went viral -- attorney Aaron Schlossberg says he's not a racist and is "deeply sorry" for his actions. More>>

2016 Presidential Election Investigation Fast Facts

Here's a look at investigations into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. More>>

USA Swimming covered up for 'pedophile' coach, lawsuit says

Former world champion swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith says it was an "open secret" among USA Swimming's leadership that her coach sexually abused her as a teen. More>>

Woman accused of breaking into ex-boyfriend's home, firing gun in bathroom

An ex-girlfriend is accused of damaging a man's home in Franklin County earlier in the month. More>>

10-Year-old hurt by broken glass after school bus windows shot

Police say a 10-year-old girl was injured by broken glass after two windows were shot out of a school bus in Michigan. More>>

Teen must pay $36 million for starting wildfire that burned 48,000 acres

Restitution claims involving the Eagle Creek Fire have topped $36 million dollars. More>>

Parent questions use of pepper spray on student in viral video

At least one parent at Silverado High School is raising serious questions after a Clark County School District Police officer is seen on camera, using pepper spray on a black student. More>>

The US has had 57 times as many school shootings as the other major industrialized nations combined

School shootings are a reality in America, an average of one a week just this year alone. More>>

Cougars almost never attack humans. But here are possible reasons this one did.

The fatal cougar attack in Washington state over the weekend isn't just rare; it's basically unheard of. More>>

How corporations won their own civil rights movement

Procter & Gamble never marched on Washington singing "We Shall Overcome." Google was never blocked from eating in a diner that said, "For People Only." Nobody ever called the Pillsbury Doughboy the N-word. More>>

A white woman called police on black people barbecuing. This is how the community responded

Hundreds danced to hip-hop and '80s soul music Sunday and listened to local African-American candidates make their pitches. But this cookout in Oakland, California, wasn't just any spring festival. More>>

NYPD warns of toxic batch of fake weed K2 after overdoses

The New York City Police Department is warning Brooklyn residents about a "particularly toxic" batch of synthetic marijuana known as K2 that has caused nearly 50 overdoses since Friday. More>>

5 Things for May 22: Trump & Justice Dept., North Korea, Sweden, Texas shooting

Travel to Budapest and take a ride on a railway run by children. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbox daily.... More>>

Baltimore County police officer shot and killed, governor says; suspects still at large

A Baltimore County police officer was shot and killed Monday afternoon in Perry Hall, a community northeast of Baltimore, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said on Twitter. More>>

Teen who started fire that burned 48,000 acres ordered to pay $36 million

When you play with fire, there are bound to be consequences. More>>

A monkey gets free at the San Antonio airport

A monkey that was being transported escaped its cage Monday afternoon and briefly ran loose at San Antonio International Airport, officials said. More>>

Man drives into his family's table at a restaurant, killing his daughter, police say

A 62-year-old man intentionally drove his vehicle into a North Carolina restaurant where his family was eating on Sunday, killing his daughter and his daughter-in-law and injuring several others, authorities said. More>>

Cold case involving murder of UNLV swimmer finally has a suspect

Back in 1999, former UNLV swimmer Kameron Sengthavy was found dead in a San Francisco apartment building with apparent stab wounds. He was 25 years old. More>>

Police belt saves officer's life, suspect in custody

Tucson Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened on the east side Friday night at around 9:45 p.m. More>>

Texas governor's campaign website drops shotgun voucher giveaway after school shooting

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's re-election website has abandoned a contest to give away a $250 voucher toward a shotgun purchase days after the slaying of 10 people at Santa Fe High School. More>>

Community rallies around single mother after house fire

It's something we never want to experience, on Tuesday, Nadine Beithelat, a single mother of two, discovered her home completely destroyed by a house fire. More>>

USS Milwaukee fires missiles off the Virginia coast, kicks off testing of missile module program

The USS Milwaukee fired four longbow hellfire missiles that hit fast inshore attack craft targets off the Coast of Virginia in a first for the program this month. More>>

Santa Fe High School had armed officers and active shooter drills, but 10 people still died

After each school massacre, politicians often list what they think could prevent future carnage: More>>

Four charged after using BB and pellet guns to shoot at cars

At least 35 cars in Alliance were damaged over the weekend after three men and one juvenile shot them with BB and pellet guns. More>>

In a superhero cape, he feeds the city's hungry and homeless. And he's only 4

Austin Perine's superhero cape glides and flutters as he hands chicken sandwiches to homeless men outside a shelter in Birmingham, Alabama. More>>

What we know about Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the alleged Santa Fe High School shooter

The teenager accused of carrying out the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School on Friday was known as a quiet student who often wore a trench coat to school. More>>

A church hosts a special graduation for Santa Fe High School seniors where the DA has some sobering words

The event was supposed to be a happy one: a celebration to honor those who were graduating from Santa Fe High School. More>>

J.J. Watt, the NFL star helping out the Santa Fe victims' families, has a long history of philanthropy

To those who follow the NFL, the monstrous defensive powerhouse known as J.J. Watt needs no introduction. More>>

US School Violence Fast Facts

Here is a list of random incidents of elementary, middle and high school (excludes colleges and universities) violence with fatalities, from 1927 to the present. This list does NOT include suicides, gang-related incidents,... More>>

Physician-Assisted Suicide Fast Facts

Physician-assisted suicide is legal in four US states and the District of Columbia. It is an option given to individuals by law in the District of Columbia, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. It is an option given to... More>>

Mike Pompeo Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State and former CIA director. More>>

Why the Santa Fe shooting suspect cannot get the death penalty or life without parole

Speaking outside a church not far from Santa Fe High School on Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his hope was that the 17-year-old accused of killing 10 people there gets "swift Texas justice." More>>

5 Things for May 21: Texas school shooting, President Trump, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Cuba just finished up two days of mourning, after a plane crashed on takeoff in Havana, killing over 100 people. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need... More>>

Texas governor has long opposed gun control. Now he's leading a discussion on stopping school shootings

In the wake of Friday's deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to convene "roundtable discussions" on how to curb gun violence. But given his strong pro-gun rights record, some gun control... More>>

Misty Copeland says the ballet world still has a race problem and she wants to help fix that

The world knows Misty Copeland as the first African-American principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre -- her image splashed across billboards from coast to coast. But her purpose, Copeland says, is far greater... More>>

Trial ordered in abuse death of daughter described as 'holocaust victim'

A couple has been ordered to stand trial on an aggravated murder charge in the abuse death of their daughter, who was found so malnourished and neglected she was compared to a holocaust victim. More>>

Police: Suspect fires police gun, two suspect arrested and one injured

Police were responding to a domestic dispute call early Sunday morning when an officer was assaulted. More>>

Two Pakistani girls shot; two different responses. For some, that reeks of hypocrisy

The comparisons with Malala Yousafzai began as soon as Sabika Sheikh was identified as one of the victims of the Santa Fe High School massacre. More>>

Suspect arrested in attempted kidnapping of 9-year-old girl

Phoenix police have arrested a suspect who they say tried to kidnap a 9-year-old girl from her home early Friday morning. More>>

As victims' families prepare to arrive at a Santa Fe church to mourn, a rainbow appears overhead

As news vans were setting up Sunday morning for a church service for the Santa Fe school massacre victims, reporters looked up to see this: A rainbow adorning the Texas sky. More>>

FYI: English isn't the official language of the United States

Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer in New York, was the subject of a viral video last week after he was caught on camera berating staff members of a restaurant for speaking Spanish with customers. More>>

Shreveport businessman restores classic car for a good cause

A Shreveport auto parts dealer rescued a classic car from the crusher to give back to the community that supported his family business for decades. More>>

Officials recommend homeowners seek trustworthy contractors after cleanup

While most of the roads in Hamden are now passable after Tuesday's storm, homeowners still have a lot of work to do cleaning up their yards. More>>

Deadliest Mass Shootings in Modern US History Fast Facts

Here is a list of the deadliest single day mass shootings in US history from 1949 to the present. More>>

Former High School teacher arrested for 'lewd or lascivious' act with student

A former Covington High School teacher has been arrested for having sexual contact with a student. More>>

A mother's powerful letter about her child's experience hiding from the Santa Fe shooter

Deedra Van Ness, the mother of a student who survived Friday's deadly shooting at a Texas high school, took to social media on Saturday to share her family's harrowing tale. More>>

Santa Fe shooting survivor at vigil: 'All that was going through my head was to get out'

At 7:45 Friday morning, Santa Fe High School sophomore Zachary Muehe was checking his cell phone while he waited for art class to start. Other students were chatting. More>>

New Bus Company Launching in SoCal Offers $3 Fares From L.A. to Las Vegas

A German bus carrier is setting up shop in Southern California, and hoping to make a splash with steeply discounted ticket prices and high-tech amenities. More>>

Semi driver fails to slow down for traffic, causes six vehicle interstate accident

I-84 is now back open in Jerome County after a six-vehicle accident shut down both westbound lanes for hours Friday afternoon. More>>

How 'thoughts and prayers' went from common condolence to cynical meme

Semantic satiation is the phenomenon in which a word or phrase is repeated so often it loses its meaning. But it also becomes something ridiculous, a jumble of letters that feels alien on the tongue and reads like... More>>

Explosion and fire at plastic fabrication company in Texas leaves 22 injured

Twenty-two people were injured in an explosion and fire at Kuraray America Eval, a plastic fabrication company in Pasadena, Texas, according to John Krueger, emergency media spokesperson for the city of La Porte. More>>

The gunshots got louder. Panic set in. Texas students knew it was 'really happening to us'

Class had recently begun when Daymon Rabon, a senior at Santa Fe High School in Texas, heard a loud bang in the room next door. More>>

Houston police chief says he's 'hit rock bottom' after school shooting

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has spent the past few months demanding action after a series of mass shootings. On Friday, he pleaded for gun reform again, this time after a shooting not far from his city. More>>

Met Opera sues former conductor for $5.8 million over sexual misconduct allegations

The Metropolitan Opera filed a countersuit Friday against its former music director, James Levine, asking for more than $5.8 million in damages amid allegations that Levine committed acts of sexual misconduct over a... More>>

Santa Fe High School student 'completely okay' after being shot in the head

Doctors told Rome Shubert, 16, he had the "perfect scenario." More>>

What we know so far about the Santa Fe school shooting

Nine students and a teacher were killed Friday morning in a shooting at Santa Fe High School in the southeastern Texas city of Santa Fe. It's the 22nd school shooting in the US in 2018. This is what we know: More>>

Police Investigating Live Ferret Shipped Via USPS In Cardboard Box

Denver Police are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a ferret was mailed through the U.S. Postal Service last week. More>>

Memorial Day Fast Facts

Here's a look at Memorial Day, a day honoring American soldiers who died serving the country in wars. It is observed annually in the United States on the last Monday in May. More>>

Dozens of girls still in care facility after allegations of sexual, physical abuse surface, DA says

Authorities raided two children's homes outside Houston on Wednesday after multiple staff members were accused of physically abusing underage girls in their care, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney's... More>>

Phoenix grandma struggles with new smartphone, becomes internet famous

A Phoenix grandmother became an internet sensation after she experienced some user-error on her new smartphone. More>>

Breakthrough Women Fast Facts: US Government, Education and Business

Here is a look at women in government, education and business who have broken through the glass ceiling and become the first in their respective positions in the United States. More>>

There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year

We're only 20 weeks into 2018, and there have already been 22 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed. That averages out to more than 1 shooting a week. More>>

Temple University student accused of attempted rape at fraternity house

A Temple University student faces several charges including attempted rape and attempted sexual assault in connection with an alleged incident in February at a fraternity house. More>>

How space travel can unite a fractured world

They were just three men. But their peaceful message was seen by a billion people. And the timing couldn't have been better. More>>

UPDATE: At least 32 hurt after buses collide outside Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan

Two New Jersey Transit buses collided outside the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan on Friday, injuring more than 30 people, fire officials said. More>>

At least 32 hurt after buses collide outside Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan

Two buses collided outside the Lincoln Tunnel in Manhattan on Friday, injuring more than 30 people, fire officials said. More>>

Melania Trump Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Melania Trump, wife of 45th US President Donald Trump. More>>

The most turbulent time in modern American history (it's not now)

A president with low approval ratings. Tensions between the US and North Korea. Athletes protesting racial injustice. Bitter divisions threatening to rip our country's social fabric apart. More>>

Suspect dies after firing shots at U.S. Marshals in Cleveland County, officials say

A person wanted on federal warrants was shot and killed after authorities said he fired shots at U.S. Marshals Thursday afternoon in Cleveland County. More>>

CIA Directors Fast Facts

Here's some background information about directors of the Central Intelligence Agency. As part of America's intelligence community, the CIA collects information about foreign governments, organized crime and terrorist groups. More>>

Clint Eastwood Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Clint Eastwood, filmmaker, actor, producer, director and composer. More>>

Poaching ring suspects killed hundreds of animals for 'thrill of the kill,' authorities say

The suspects documented their kill in graphic photos -- grinning near slumped over carcasses, posing with a decapitated elk head and taking a selfie with animal blood splattered over one of the alleged poacher's face. More>>

Building demolished after large business fire in Downtown Franklin

A building has been demolished after a large commercial fire broke out at a store in the 200 block of N. Main Street Thursday afternoon. More>>

Las Vegas police arrest a suspect after reports of masked gunman

Las Vegas police arrested a suspect after reports of a masked person carrying a gun prompted an evacuation Thursday night at the Boulevard shopping mall, a law enforcement official said. More>>

Sheriff: Deputies found van used in alleged abduction, rape of Michigan woman

Authorities say they found the van used in an alleged abduction and rape of a Michigan woman. More>>

Woman accused of stabbing Hartford officer to face a judge

As a Hartford officer continues to cling to life, the woman accused of stabbing her is scheduled to face a judge. More>>

5 Things for May 18: US and China, Hawaii volcanoes, royal wedding

It's not summer yet, but it's never too early to check out a list of the world's most popular amusement parks. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to... More>>

A man repeatedly threatened to blow up a mosque, the FBI says. They caught him by checking caller ID

A South Florida man is accused of leaving multiple voicemails saying he would blow up a mosque days before Ramadan. The way officials found him? They checked caller ID. More>>

New York attorney in racist rant has history of confrontations

The man who berated employees and customers for speaking Spanish in a New York City cafe has a history of aggressively confronting strangers on their identity. More>>

What they thought was a rusty box in their backyard was a safe with $52,000 worth of treasure

For years Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel thought a piece of rusty metal behind some trees in their backyard was just part of a cable or electrical box. More>>

'As soon as my wife said go get him, I went': Customer helps detain robber at restaurant

A man was arrested for robbing a video lottery winner in Beaverton on Saturday, according to police. More>>

1 Adult, 1 child killed in 'horrific' accident involving school bus and dump truck in New Jersey

A teacher and student on a field trip were killed Thursday when a school bus collided with a dump truck and flipped over in Mount Olive Township in New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy said. More>>

Here's what you should (and shouldn't) do to defuse a racist tirade in public

When you watch public, racist tirades online -- like the recent one at a New York City restaurant -- it's easy to cringe from behind a screen or lob some choice words of your own. More>>

Army recruiter accused of sexual relationship with minor applicant

Buckeye police have arrested a high school army recruiter for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a minor applicant in the program. More>>

Tiger Woods Fast Facts

Here's a look at one of the most successful golfers in history, Tiger Woods. More>>

After scandal, Miss America names first all-female leadership team

For the first time in the organization's history, Miss America will be led entirely by women -- and they're all former pageant winners. More>>

Dog lover flies 'paw-sengers' to safety

Paul Steklenski has saved more than 1,000 dogs' lives in the last three years. More>>

Doctors warn that gel manicures using UV lights could cause cancer

Dermatology specialists are warning about the potential dangers of gel manicures saying that the UV lamps can put people at a higher risk for cancer. More>>

Michigan State University reaches $500 million settlement with Larry Nassar victims

Michigan State University will pay $500 million to settle lawsuits brought by 332 victims of Larry Nassar, the former associate professor and doctor who sexually abused hundreds of young girls and women. More>>

Woman accused of faking pregnancy to get in hospital

Muncie area hospitals are on the lookout for a woman accused of pretending to be pregnant to gain access to labor and delivery floors. More>>

Police: Man smashes eggs on head, smears on business

An Idaho Falls man was arrested after allegedly smashing eggs against his head and smearing the egg across a local business. More>>

Accused eye-gouger won't face death penalty

State prosecutors will not seek the death penalty for a woman accused of gouging her mother's eyes and killing her in Royal Palm Beach, according to a recently filed court document. More>>

Las Vegas shooting survivor stayed months in hospital. She's finally been reunited with her rescuer

Rosemarie Melanson can barely remember hearing a man speak to her after she was shot in the Las Vegas massacre. She soon blacked out and wouldn't recall anything about the next few weeks. More>>

Human waste, used needles pile up outside Denver homes

Used needles and human waste behind several Denver homes in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood is becoming a big problem. More>>

All the new details revealed in Las Vegas shooting documents

Stephen Paddock kept his hotel room clean but made a housekeeper uneasy when she tidied up in the days before the gunman slaughtered 58 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. More>>

5 Things for May 17: White House, Niger ambush video, world population

The royal wedding is just a couple of days away! Check out the historic chapel where Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You... More>>

Children in abuse case shot with weapons and burned with hot water, prosecutors say

The abuse suffered by siblings at the hands of their parents in a Northern California home included being waterboarded, bitten and burned with scalding water, prosecutors said in court papers. More>>

Pennsylvania man who killed and buried four men is sentenced to life in prison

The Pennsylvania man who killed four young men and then buried their corpses on his parents' rural property last July was sentenced to four life sentences on Wednesday. More>>

Las Vegas gunman was tidy, but made housekeeper uneasy, say papers that paint picture of the massacre

More than 1,000 pages of documents released Wednesday give some insight into the gunman who killed 58 people last year in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. More>>

This is what Meghan Markle's high school teacher remembers most about her

When Meghan Markle's high school theology teacher heard about her engagement to Prince Harry she had one immediate thought. More>>

Program uses dogs to help kids learn to read

What better way to read a book than to a dog? More>>

Parkland school resource officer decried as coward gets princely pension of $8,702 a month

The former school resource officer criticized for his response to the Parkland school massacre is receiving more than $8,700 a month in state pension, Florida Department of Management Services spokeswoman Nina Ashley said... More>>

A Vietnam veteran was going to be buried alone. Then a stranger helped find his family

When Dave Fullarton discovered the ashes of former Army Captain Larry Casey, he felt the Vietnam veteran deserved a proper military funeral. But he didn't want to be the only one to honor him. More>>

Parents of 10 kids arrested after police find garbage and feces covering the house

When police searched the Northern California home of Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen and their 10 children, they said they found disgusting conditions. More>>

Veteran injured in Afghanistan receives the keys to new customized home

A new beginning started on Saturday for a local veteran as he was handed the keys to a customized home after being injured while serving in Afghanistan. More>>

A man who was wrongly convicted of murder when he was 14 clears his name after 27 long years

John Bunn was just 14 when he was jailed for the murder of an off-duty correction officer in Brooklyn. More>>

California abuse cases raise questions about home school regulation

Ina Rogers admits some people may not agree with home schooling but said she and her husband pride themselves on being good parents. More>>

Northeast braces for possible flooding after powerful storms kill 5 people

Storms that ravaged parts of the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic -- and claimed at least five lives -- have passed, but the risk of flooding continues Wednesday. More>>

French and American Sailors overcome obstacles aboard USS George H.W. Bush

When an aircraft moving at 150 miles per hour comes in to land on a moving aircraft carrier runway, everyone from those on the flight deck to those in the bridge need to be on the same page. More>>

Vicious fight between girls recorded in bathroom during gym class

A fight between two girls at Lithia Springs High School in Douglas County was recorded during gym class. More>>

Police: Gunman fires AK-47 into house party, 6 teens injured

Police are releasing details about a weekend house party in the Opryland area that turned violent. More>>

2016 Presidential Campaign Hacking Fast Facts

Here's a look at hacking incidents during the 2016 presidential campaign and Russian meddling in the election. For details about investigations into hacking and efforts to interfere with the election, see 2016 Presidential... More>>

5 Things for May 16: North Korea, immigration, Tom Wolfe

Ramadan, the holiest month of the Muslim calendar, has begun. Here's an etiquette guide for non-Muslims. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know... More>>

'Dogs Butler' service buses pets from home to daycare

A new bus service in Kent County takes your pet from home to daycare. It was started by a guy who noticed how hard it was to take care of a pet living in an apartment and working full time. More>>

'Dogs Butler' service buses pets from home to daycare

A new bus service in Kent County takes your pet from home to daycare. It was started by a guy who noticed how hard it was to take care of a pet living in an apartment and working full time. More>>

Fort Thomas police need help identifying suspected 'Felony Lane Gang' members

A Northern Kentucky police department is asking for help in identifying two suspects believed to be involved in a nationwide criminal group. More>>

Manhattan to stop prosecuting most low-level marijuana cases in August

Last year, cops in Manhattan arrested people for smoking or possessing small amounts of marijuana a little more than 5,500 times. A disproportionate number of those arrested were minorities. More>>

Rudy Giuliani Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City. More>>

Suspensions overturned in TCU cheating scandal

The suspension of a group of TCU students who were accused of cheating has been overturned. More>>

Medical Examiner: Exploding vape pen caused man's death

The Medical Examiner of Pinellas County has confirmed that a vape pen explosion is to blame for a St. Petersburg man's death. More>>

Cincinnati Zoo fire causes $75,000 in damage, no one injured

A fire at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Monday evening summoned 40 firefighters and caused $75,000 in damage but did not harm any humans or animals, according to District Fire Chief Randal Freel. More>>

Teacher accused of molesting student for years

Irving police have arrested an elementary school music teacher after an outcry from a 10-year-old girl alleging years of inappropriate contact. More>>

Baltimore police commissioner resigns after failing to file his taxes

Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa resigned Tuesday, less than a week after he was charged with failing to file income tax returns for three years. More>>

Bill Cosby Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of comedian and actor Bill Cosby. More>>

Bill Cosby's sentencing for his indecent assault conviction is set for September

Bill Cosby's sentencing hearing is set for September 24 and 25, according to a court order from Judge Steven O'Neill. More>>

Police K-9 helps catch DUI suspect after hit-and-run crash

A man suspected of driving under the influence and running away from the scene of a vehicle accident was arrested Sunday evening with the help of a police K-9 in Rancho Cucamonga, according to authorities. More>>

Discarded pallet in roadway claims life of West Jordan father, husband

Craig Schmidt was killed after his motorcycle struck a discarded pallet on Bangerter Highway in West Jordan. Family and friends were struggling with the abrupt loss. More>>

Two parents of slain Parkland students are running for county school board

Two Parkland, Florida, parents announced their candidacies Tuesday for the Broward County School Board, running on a platform that no mother or father should ever experience losing a child to a school shooter. More>>

Contractor stole thousands from Milwaukee families

A Greenfield contractor took thousands of dollars from Milwaukee homeowners, without finishing the work he agreed to. More>>

They spoke out against immigrants. So she unearthed their own immigrant ancestors

If you think the ongoing immigration debates don't apply to you, Jennifer Mendelsohn has some news: They probably do. More>>

Couple accused of taking advantage of coyote bounty program faces felony charges

A West Jordan couple who prosecutors say tried to cash in on the state's Coyote Bounty program by claiming they had killed a lot more coyotes than they actually had now face felony charges. More>>

Black man killed during arrest suffered neck injury, likely died of asphyxia, coroner says

A 22-year-old black man killed after a struggle with Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, authorities likely died of asphyxiation, the coroner said Monday. More>>

For families of vanished migrants, unidentified remains mean answers never come

One day last May, in the desert southwest of the town of Ajo, Arizona, search and rescue volunteers discovered two long, white bones near a mesquite tree. They had little flesh on them and gnaw marks from some carnivore.... More>>

A Ramadan etiquette guide for non-Muslims

There are 7 billion people in the world. And a full 22% of them -- 1.6 billion -- are fasting from sunup to sundown. Every day. For an entire month. More>>

Couple who survived Charlottesville car attack get married

As a gray Dodge accelerated toward the crowd gathered in Charlottesville last year, Marcus Martin made a pivotal, quick decision. More>>

5 Things for May 15: Melania Trump, royal wedding, Gaza protests

Heavy rain in your area? How about record heat? You're not alone -- there's all kinds of weird weather and geological happenings going on around the country right now. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed... More>>

City of Atlanta officials meet to discuss public transportation limitations

City of Atlanta stakeholders got together to discuss the area's transportation infrastructure and the issue goes beyond maintaining roads and bridges. More>>

She says a pilot raped her, and now she's afraid of running into him at an airport

Every time Mary Morgan enters an airport, she's on the defensive, trying to avoid the man she says raped her. More>>

Students Sent to Hospital After School Bus Hits Rock

A bumpy bus ride in Monroe County sent more than a dozen elementary school students to the hospital Monday morning. More>>

'Gun-sharing' station uses art to make point about gun violence

It's like a bike-sharing station, but with what appear to be AR-15 rifles. More>>

Prom under investigation after live tiger performance

Seniors at Miami's Christopher Columbus High School had expected a fun night at their "Welcome to the Jungle" themed prom. More>>

Manhattan nanny gets life in prison for murdering 2 children in her care

A New York nanny convicted of murdering two children she was trusted to care for was sentenced on Monday to life in prison with no possibility of parole. More>>

Suspected Golden State Killer appears in court

Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected Golden State Killer, appeared in court Monday for murder charges he faces from the deaths of a Sacramento-area couple in 1978. More>>

Migrant mom Gabriela Hernandez just got to California after weeks in caravan and detention

Gabriela Hernandez had to go on the road again, loading her pregnant self and two young sons onto bus after bus after bus. More>>

Harry Reid Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Harry Reid, former Senate majority leader and retired US senator from Nevada. More>>

Old data reveal 'plumes' on ocean world that could host life

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Museum encourages spitting in public, then sets world record for ancestry testing

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Yale student accused of 'napping while black' wants fellow student disciplined

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Vet uses water therapy to help paralyzed dog learn to walk again

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Kansas City doctor avoids opioids, uses device to treat pain

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Indiana is one of the worst states for drug use

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How San Diego housing got so expensive

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Stapleton parents who say they were unfairly accused of child neglect want parent protection laws

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Strong storms cause damage in The Acreage

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Border Patrol failed to count hundreds of migrant deaths on US soil

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Nashville group working to make dangerous road safer

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