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Summer solstice: It's all about sex

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice has a history of stirring libidos, and it's no wonder. More>>

Think small: 8 tiny house hotels with big personalities

High up on a bluff in Appalachia, guests soak in a hot tub while watching the sun dip into the green valley below. Hang gliders soar through the surrounding skies, while trees rustle their way into evening. More>>

World's 50 best restaurants for 2018 announced

If there's ever a bad night to eat out -- not including that time you ordered those mussels -- it's the one when all the planet's top chefs skip work to find out if their restaurants have finally been named the world's best. More>>

C02 shortage threatens World Cup beer supply

The football World Cup usually means barbeques, beer, and big summer parties, but these plans could fall flat for many Europeans this year. More>>

Chihuly sculpture lights up Biltmore estate

Standing on tall ladders, two workers place pieces of brightly colored glass onto a tree-like structure in the middle of a manicured garden at Biltmore. More>>

Baby offered free travel after 'unexpected' birth on Paris train

It's not often a morning train delay announcement provokes smiles. More>>

5 Great places to visit in July

School's out and the heat's on in July. This is peak travel season in the USA, much of Europe and a lot of the Northern Hemisphere. More>>

Paris is hosting a nude picnic, and everyone's invited

Would you do a spot of yoga in the buff or eat a sandwich in your birthday suit? More>>

Dunedin: New Zealand's most underrated city?

Dunedin, on New Zealand's idyllic South Island, isn't getting as many tourists as nearby Queenstown. But that's good news for travelers who want to experience the country's famous hospitality but aren't as keen on Hobbits. More>>

Life span of an airplane: from birth to death

We're all familiar with the sight of an airplane soaring through the sky, but what do these flying machines look like when they're being assembled? More>>

Greece and Macedonia sign agreement on name change

Greece and Macedonia signed an historic agreement Sunday to rename the latter the Republic of North Macedonia, possibly putting end to a dispute that has soured relations between the two countries for decades. More>>

Personal flying machine designs revealed in Boeing GoFly contest

A giant egg equipped with rotors and "Transformers"-style robots are among some of the creative designs submitted in a $2 million dollar contest to dream up new ways of flying. More>>

25 Of the best places to visit in the UK

From vibrant, culture-laden cities to peaceful areas of outstanding natural beauty, the UK is an incredibly diverse destination for travelers. More>>

China's forgotten village swallowed by nature

Like something straight out of a fairytale, the abandoned village of Houtouwan on Shengshan Island, part of the Shengsi Archipelago off the eastern coast of China, has recently become an Internet sensation and an unusual... More>>

The hotel that's shaking up the Riviera Maya

The dappled Caribbean sunshine and white sand seem even more relaxing from the balcony of a duchess. More>>

The making of the airplane seats for the world's longest flight

Passengers booked on the world's longest flight -- a 19-hour nonstop of more than 9,000 nautical miles between Singapore and Newark, New Jersey, set to commence this October -- needn't worry about numb butt syndrome. More>>

10 Of the best spas and bathhouses in Budapest

It's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but Budapest can also make a claim to be one of the most relaxing, thanks to a secret buried beneath its beautiful architecture. More>>

World's longest nonstop flight: Tickets now on sale

Singapore to New York, nonstop. Almost 20 hours in the air. More>>

About that name change for Macedonia ...

If you're planning to travel to Macedonia to see its beautiful scenery and historic destinations, it might be good to check the exact name of the country before you leave. More>>

Orphaned brown bear cub awaits name and new home

Pat Lampi knew what to do when Alaska Wildlife Troopers brought him an orphaned brown bear cub in May. More>>

China's scariest outdoor attractions

China is increasingly giving America a run for its money as the land of the biggest and the best. More>>

Bonifacio: City of Cliffs is France's best-kept secret

An undiscovered beach town in Mediterranean Europe? Well, almost. More>>

Fiji to New Zealand: 9 of the most scenic Asia-Pacific flights

Whether you're in the Himalayas, Maldives or the Great Barrier Reef, these incredible natural wonders are beautiful from every angle you travel. More>>

007 Elements: New James Bond museum opens on top of Austrian mountain

James Bond movies are known for their incredible backdrops -- from Canada's natural beauty in the spectacular opening sequence of 1977's "The Spy Who Loved Me" to a colorful Mexico City in 2015's "Spectre." More>>

This tiny town is the site of Disney's 'lost' park

You may have paid to see gussied-up variations of the quaint town of Marceline, Missouri. The community of about 2,500, two hours northeast of metro Kansas City, was the hometown and emotional lodestone of Walt Disney. More>>

On the gemstone trail: A tour of Antwerp's diamond district

With its flat-fronted 1960s buildings and plain color scheme, Hoveniersstraat might be dismissed as one of the most drab streets in the pretty baroque Belgian city of Antwerp. More>>

Capella Sentosa: Inside the hotel where Trump and Kim met

Hotels aren't just a place to sleep -- they often serve as neutral ground for international meetings and conferences. More>>

Joni Mitchell's hometown finally gives her her due

The most famous export of a college town on the Canadian prairie is folk singer Joni Mitchell. More>>

10 Moscow hotels for budgets big and small

Moscow has a deserved reputation as an expensive city to visit; however, people who travel here do have a range of options. More>>