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Prosecutors cancel Stormy Daniels interview, attorney says

Federal prosecutors have canceled their planned interview with Stormy Daniels Monday, according to Daniels' attorney. More>>

EPA considered hiring family friend of Pruitt's lobbyist landlords

A family friend of the lobbyists who rented a room to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was considered for a position at the agency, according to emails first reported by The New York Times on... More>>

Mattis: DHS wants two temporary camps on US bases to house immigrants

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the Pentagon is in "close alignment" with the Department of Homeland Security with efforts to utilize military bases to house undocumented immigrants along the southern US border. More>>

Detained immigrants to Sen. Warren: "America is our last hope"

Detainees at a central processing center in McAllen, Texas, were "frightened" and told Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren that America is their "last hope," she told CNN after leaving the center Sunday. More>>

South Carolina GOP candidate injured in car wreck to make a full recovery, campaign says

South Carolina congressional candidate Katie Arrington -- who is in the hospital with serious injuries after being involved in a fatal car wreck -- is expected to make a full recovery, her campaign said on Sunday. More>>

Melania Trump promotes 'kindness, compassion, and positivity' at youth conference

First lady Melania Trump made her first public appearance since her jacket controversy Sunday evening, speaking to the Students Against Destructive Decisions' annual conference where she emphasized the importance of kindness. More>>

Supreme Court has six significant cases remaining -- and one big question about its future

After a frantic few weeks to reach an end of June deadline, the Supreme Court justices will don their robes on Monday to wrap up the term sometime this week. More>>

Federal investigators to interview Stormy Daniels about Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels will be interviewed by federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York on Monday as part of their probe into President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, according to a source... More>>

Separated parents given option for voluntary deportation amid child reunification

As focus intensifies on reuniting immigrant families separated by the government, parents are being offered the option to sign voluntary departure orders to speed up their cases -- and are told they'll be reunited with... More>>

Sessions' pastor addresses 'firestorm' over church charges against AG

One of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' pastors said on Sunday that she does not agree with the "zero-tolerance" immigration policies that led to family separations, but urged her United Methodist church in northern... More>>

'I'm riding the Trump wave. He's Christopher Columbus,' says Nevada pimp running for office

Dennis Hof, the Nevada brothel owner who just days ago ousted a Republican state lawmaker in a primary, is already workshopping new campaign themes for the general election. More>>

Why Michael Bloomberg may be eyeing a 2020 run

Here are the stories our D.C. insiders are talking about in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines today. More>>

Former Bush cabinet member: 'I'm not worried about' Sarah Sanders

Former George W. Bush cabinet official Carlos Gutierrez said on CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper that he's not worried about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders after a Virginia restaurant owner requested... More>>

A week of questions, tears and finger-pointing on immigrant family separations

The week is ending the way it started -- with lots of confusion about the policy that resulted in separating immigrant children from their parents. More>>

Flake threatens Trump again on judicial nominees

Sen. Jeff Flake warned that he and a "number of senators," are prepared to block President Donald Trump's judicial nominees if there is no action in the Senate on tariffs and other key issues. More>>

Ron Johnson: 'We have been encouraging illegal immigration'

Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson said Sunday the laws and practices of the US have encouraged undocumented immigration to levels the nation cannot handle. More>>

US Navy identifies pilot killed in Holloman Air Force Base plane crash

The U.S. Navy announced late Saturday evening the death of a pilot who died in a plane crash during a training flight on Friday at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. More>>

Government details how separated families will be reunited -- eventually

The Trump administration is releasing its plan for putting back together the thousands of families it separated at the border -- but the reunions won't happen quickly. More>>

DHS employees warned about safety amid backlash over family separations

Amid the furor over the policy that resulted in thousands of families separated at the border, Department of Homeland Security employees have been warned about threats to their personal safety, according to a... More>>

Trump jabs 'Wacky Jacky and Pocahontas' while campaigning for Dean Heller in Nevada

In a visit to boost one of the nation's most vulnerable Republican senators ahead of this fall's November election, President Donald Trump unveiled a new nickname for the Democrat running to unseat Sen. Dean Heller. More>>

How Stephen Miller, the architect behind Trump's immigration policies, rose to power

Nearly ever present by the President's side, perhaps no one is more responsible for the Trump agenda than Stephen Miller. More>>

Mike Huckabee accused of bigotry and racism after tweet touting Pelosi's 'campaign committee'

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is facing allegations of racism after he tweeted a photo on Saturday of five men who appear to be using hand signs associated with the MS-13 gang with the caption, "Nancy Pelosi... More>>

Minnesota is 2018 in a nutshell for Republicans

If Republicans are able to stem the Democratic tide rising in 2018, then Minnesota will be key. More>>

US preparing in DMZ for return of troop remains from North Korea

About 100 wooden transport cases are being sent to the Demilitarized Zone, starting Saturday, to prepare for receiving US troop remains from North Korea, a representative for US Forces Korea said. More>>

Kamala Harris: 'That is a prison'; Warren and Trump collide in Nevada; Inslee visits Iowa

Our weekly roundup of the news, notes and chatter about the prospects for the next Democratic presidential race: More>>

Trump says 'we do a much better job' of detaining people who cross illegally

President Donald Trump defended the detention conditions for migrant families who cross the border illegally, arguing his administration does a "much better job" than the Obama administration. More>>

Sarah Sanders says she was kicked out of restaurant because she works for Trump

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by its owner because she works for President Donald Trump. More>>

FBI updates House on Russia-related document requests, items still outstanding

The FBI informed House Republicans late Friday evening that it has "substantially complied" with two committees' document requests related to the Russia investigation, but correspondence obtained by CNN shows several... More>>

Seth Rogen reveals he refused a photo with Paul Ryan: 'No way, man'

Seth Rogen revealed Friday he refused to take a picture with Paul Ryan and instead rebuked the House speaker. More>>

Obama to visit Kenya for the first time since leaving office

Former President Barack Obama will travel to his father's homeland of Kenya next month as part of an international trip that will also include stops in South Africa, Spain and Portugal. More>>

Democrats see Trump's Nevada trip as an opening to focus on immigration

President Donald Trump is in Las Vegas on Saturday -- and Democrats are thrilled about it. More>>

Trump supporters are less with him on Russia than they are on other issues

Those who approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as the President are, naturally, much more likely to say they also approve of how he's doing on certain issues such like the economy, immigration, foreign affairs, and more. More>>

Trump's go-it-alone immigration strategy ends in chaos, confusion

On Wednesday morning, White House cooks were flipping steaks and unboxing popcorn machines ahead of the yearly congressional picnic. Within the hour, the picnic was scrubbed, the steaks on ice, and the popcorn machines... More>>

Trump's personal legal team opposed family separation

Two of President Donald Trump's personal lawyers on the Russia investigation broke ranks with their client this week on an entirely unrelated topic, rejecting his now-abandoned practice of separating undocumented immigrant... More>>

This poll shows why it's difficult for Democrats to take the Senate

First things first: The theme song of the week is Theme from Mission: Impossible from the television show Mission: Impossible. More>>

South Carolina candidate hospitalized with serious injuries after car wreck

South Carolina congressional candidate Katie Arrington is in the hospital with serious injuries after being involved in a fatal car wreck Friday night, according to her campaign. More>>

Tom Arnold says he has tapes of the President that have yet to be heard by the public

Actor Tom Arnold said he has tapes of President Donald Trump that have yet to be heard by the public. More>>

Chaos as parents, lawyers try to find separated children

Immigration attorneys say not much has changed for their clients being held in detention centers, despite President Donald Trump signing an executive order to stop separating children from parents illegally crossing the... More>>

DHS stands by DACA rescission in court-requested filing

The Department of Homeland Security stood by the decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program last September in a court filing Friday evening -- setting up a potential court duel over the future of... More>>

Trump admin says 500 families reunified, but thousands unaccounted for

The Trump administration said Friday that it had reunified approximately 500 families separated at the border but the status of thousands more separated families remained unclear. More>>

House Judiciary chairman subpoenas Peter Strzok to be deposed

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte on Friday subpoenaed FBI agent Peter Strzok to be deposed by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees next week. More>>

Could you be a Manafort juror?

Have you mortgaged your house? Opened a foreign bank account? Do you know any Ukrainians? More>>

Cardin: Trump can end 'massive confusion' on the border with a stroke of his pen

Sen. Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, said President Donald Trump should end the immigrant family separation crisis at the border with a stroke of his pen and retract his executive order that created "massive confusion." More>>

An utterly disastrous week for Donald Trump

Fresh off one of the best -- or, at the very least, most consequential -- weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump just experienced one of his worst weeks in the White House. More>>

Dem congressman: Trump executive order on family separation is 'unconstitutional'

President Donald Trump's executive order to keep undocumented immigrant parents and children together is "unconstitutional" and did not solve the family separation issue, Rep. David Cicilline said Friday. More>>

Planned Parenthood sues HHS over changes to teen pregnancy program

Planned Parenthood is suing the Department of Health and Human Services over changes to the agency's embattled Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. More>>

The sounds of separation -- how 8 minutes of audio changed the immigration debate

The sounds are unmistakable: Children sobbing. Hard. Begging to be allowed to see their parents, their aunt, a relative. And then crying again when told that isn't possible. More>>

Navy memo outlines potential military housing for thousands of migrants

An internal draft US Navy planning document has identified potential housing locations for tens of thousands of immigrants at military sites in California, Arizona and Alabama, a US official confirms. More>>

GOP sources: Justice Department has not satisfied all House GOP document requests

Republicans said Friday there are still outstanding records requests that the Justice Department has not satisfied in the House Republican dispute with DOJ, according to three sources briefed on the mater. More>>

Three immigrants sue feds over family separations, seek daily updates on children

Three undocumented immigrants who filed suit Wednesday over being forcibly separated from their children are asking a federal court to require the government to provide them "reliable, daily" information on the well-being... More>>

Steve King doesn't want Somali Muslims to package pork in his district

Rep. Steve King, Republican of Iowa, said Friday that he does not want Somali Muslims working in his home district's meat-packing plants for fear that they think consumers will go "to hell for eating pork chops." More>>

White House donates canceled picnic food to Walter Reed

Perishable food from the canceled congressional picnic was donated to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the first lady's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed Friday. More>>

In 1 week, Trump has tied himself into an impossible immigration knot

President Donald Trump has taken almost every possible Republican position on immigration in the span of a week as he's tried to deal with the crisis he created of separating thousands of children from their parents at the... More>>

Democrats so far are playing a good defense in fight for Senate control

The Senate map for Democrats this fall is daunting. More>>

Trump hosts citizens 'permanently separated' from loved ones

President Donald Trump hosted citizens "permanently separated" from their loved ones due to crime, perhaps seeking to turn the attention away from the more than 2,000 children separated from their parents at the US-Mexico... More>>

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt shuns email for external communications

Since taking office in February 2017, Administrator Scott Pruitt has sent only a small number of external emails from his official Environmental Protection Agency accounts, reviews of documents released by the EPA found. More>>

GOP nominee who railed against diversity also called Kwanzaa 'phony,' made anti-Muslim comments

The Republican nominee for a US House seat in New Jersey has said diversity leads to Muslims killing Christians and that Kwanzaa is a fake holiday made by black racists to divide America. More>>

HHS official listed work for anti-Islam show, conspiracy website on resume

A far-right political pundit who was appointed to a post at the Department of Health and Human Services listed on her resume her past work on a conspiracy website and YouTube show where she made anti-Muslim comments,... More>>

Despite separations, very few young children handed to Department of Health and Human Services

Though the potential separation of very young children from their parents as a result of the administration's "zero-tolerance" border policy has drawn concern across the country, new data released by the government show... More>>

Rhode Island latest state to try and fail to force Trump to release his tax returns

Rhode Island has become the latest state to try and fail to pass legislation that would put pressure on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns ahead of the 2020 presidential election. More>>

Democrats demand answers on how immigrant parents will be reunited with children

Congressional Democrats are demanding answers on family separations at the US border and how parents will be reunited with their children. More>>

House approves massive opioids legislation

The House of Representatives on Friday passed the most expansive legislation Congress has taken to date to address the opioid crisis, approving a bipartisan package that combines 58 bills passed in the last two weeks. More>>

Trump says GOP should 'stop wasting their time on immigration' until after midterms

President Donald Trump said Friday that Republicans should wait until after the November midterm elections to pass immigration legislation -- undercutting GOP leadership -- but Capitol Hill negotiators say they'll continue... More>>

A 'Fox and Friends' host just said something incredibly callous about the family separation crisis

The big missing element for President Donald Trump and his allies in the family separation crisis boils down to a single word: Compassion. More>>

Trump threatens 20% tariffs on European autos

President Donald Trump escalated his threat to apply new tariffs on European autos Friday. More>>

The US wants to leave this American in Syria with $4,210 and no passport

After two days of walking in the Syrian desert, one fitful night sleeping in a mud hut and a failed attempt to bribe a local into vouching for him to get safe passage out of ISIS territory, it looked like the man was en... More>>

Supreme Court: Warrant generally needed to track cell phone location data

The Supreme Court on Friday said the government generally needs a warrant if it wants to track an individual's location through cell phone records over an extended period of time. More>>

Senior Justice officials meeting with special counsel team biweekly, source says

Two senior Justice Department officials from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's office were seen by CNN entering the special counsel's office in DC on Thursday afternoon, and a Justice official tells CNN their... More>>

Immigration bill faced a tough road before Trump's tweet

House Republicans, facing failure on passing their leadership-backed compromise immigration bill, reverted to a tried-and-true escape hatch when it comes to immigration: postpone and keep negotiating. More>>

Military bases could house up to 20,000 undocumented immigrant children

The US government might send up to 20,000 undocumented immigrant children to housing on US military bases, two defense officials said. More>>

The Trump administration's compassion gap

You care, but does the President? More>>

EPA commissions a challenge coin for 2017 disaster responders

The Environmental Protection Agency is spending more than $8,500 on challenge coins to congratulate its response to 2017 natural disasters, including the hurricanes that ravaged Texas and Puerto Rico. More>>

Jeff Merkley says he's 'exploring the possibility' of a 2020 presidential bid

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley is "exploring the possibility" of throwing his hat in the ring in the 2020 presidential election, he told The New York Times in a profile published Friday. More>>

Rubio: 'Zero-tolerance' immigration is what Trump campaigned on

Sen. Marco Rubio said this week that President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy is in line with what Trump campaigned for in 2016. More>>

How Donald Trump killed the immigration bill with 1 tweet

For weeks, House Republican leaders have been working behind closed doors to thread the needle on an immigration bill that could secure the support of the bulk on their conference. More>>

Trump endorses Alabama congresswoman who disavowed him in 2016

President Donald Trump on Friday endorsed an Alabama congresswoman who in 2016 rescinded her endorsement of the then-Republican nominee after his crude remarks on the "Access Hollywood" tape were made public. More>>

How soybeans -- yes, soybeans -- could impact the midterm elections

President Donald Trump touted his aggressive approach to trade policy Wednesday at a rally miles from Minnesota's famed Iron Range, where the administration's tariffs on imported steel have been welcomed by some in the... More>>

There's nearly a Nixon '74 level of public support for impeaching Trump

There is a truly remarkable number in the most recent CNN poll, conducted by SSRS and out this morning. More>>

CNN Poll: Americans think Russia investigation is serious and should continue

Most Americans continue to believe that the Russian effort to influence the 2016 presidential election is a serious matter that should be investigated, but the constant criticism by President Donald Trump of special... More>>

Suspected Chinese lasers target US aircraft over the Pacific, US military source says

Lasers have been used to target US aerial operations in the Pacific, with 20 incidents recorded since September of last year, according to a US military official. More>>

A day of great confusion at court for parents separated from their kids at the border

Criminal cases against migrants who had been separated from their children stalled in two federal courts on Thursday, sowing confusion despite US President Donald Trump's order to prosecute everyone suspected of illegal... More>>

There are 2,300 migrant kids spread across the US. What happens to them next?

Parents and children who together try to enter the United States illegally will no longer be separated at Mexican border. More>>

Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border facility

First lady Melania Trump touched down in McAllen, Texas, Thursday for a publicly unannounced and hastily planned trip to get a firsthand look at the crisis affecting immigrant families at the US border. More>>

WaPo: National Enquirer sent Trump stories to Michael Cohen before publication

Executives from the National Enquirer provided President Donald Trump's attorney Michael Cohen the opportunity to review articles and cover photos featuring Trump or his political opponents before they were published,... More>>

Trump misrepresents North Korea nuclear agreement

United States President Donald Trump offered a misleading characterization of his deal with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Thursday, insisting the nation had agreed to begin "total denuclearization" right away. More>>

Vulnerable House Republican calls for Trump to fire Stephen Miller

As chaos and confusion continued to swirl in Washington about the fate of some 2,000 migrant children separated from their parents at the border, a tweet from vulnerable Republican Rep. Mike Coffman on Thursday made it... More>>

Ex-DHS secretary: No formal policy of family separation during Obama administration

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said Thursday evening that there had been no formal policy to separate the detained families of illegal immigrants under President Barack Obama. More>>

Emails suggest 'zero tolerance' effectively on hold, despite what Trump admin says

Though the Trump administration outwardly is maintaining that it is continuing its "zero-tolerance" border policy, email traffic obtained by CNN shows that the policy has effectively been curtailed for now -- the latest... More>>

Trump's family separation course-correction only adds confusion

One thing that's clear from President Donald Trump's executive order trying to reverse course from his policy that resulted in family separations at the border: It's still not clear how it will work. More>>

Texas Democrat: 'Strong racist element' to child detentions

Rep. Beto O'Rourke charged Thursday that racism is a factor in Trump administration policy leading to the detention of children at the border. More>>

Jeff Sessions changes tone on family separations at the border

The Trump administration continues to reverse course on its messaging surrounding highly controversial US immigration policies following days of significant pushback. More>>

Republicans push vote for key immigration bill into next week

Republicans -- in a last minute decision -- decided to postpone a vote on a comprehensive immigration bill for the second time in less than a day, a sign of the struggles leaders are having to unite the conference on such... More>>

The depressing predictability of the immigration debate

Sometime over the next week, an immigration bill that aims to resolve the fate of DACA and fund President Trump's border wall will very likely fail to secure a majority of votes on the House floor -- dying an ignominious... More>>

Top US Navy leader resigns amid misconduct probe

The US Navy's top enlisted leader announced Thursday he is resigning "to avoid any distraction," as an inspector general investigates allegations that he "fostered a hostile work environment." More>>

Senators call on National Science Foundation to investigate climate change grants

Four Republican senators have called on National Science Foundation Inspector General Allison Lerner to investigate the foundation's grant-making process, citing a grant charged with enabling television meteorologists to... More>>

US, Iranian top diplomats spar online

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Iranian counterpart squared off in a battle of strongly-worded statements this week, with Pompeo tweeting his apparent support for Iranian anti-government protestors, and Iranian... More>>

Trump admin asks judge for permission to detain children with parents past 20 days

The Justice Department on Thursday sought to modify a federal court order that limits the ability of US officials to detain immigrant children longer than 20 days. More>>

Separated immigrant children move people's hearts, but will it move their votes?

The cries of children separated from their parents are difficult for most people to hear. The recent images of children being kept in chain-linked fences are difficult for many to see. More>>

Melania dons jacket saying 'I really don't care. Do U?' ahead of her border visit -- and afterward

First lady Melania Trump took a trip to the US-Mexico border on Thursday to tour an immigrant children's shelter, but her trip is getting attention not only for her action, but also for her wardrobe choice before and after... More>>

Border Patrol union president on catch and release: 'No way it can stop'

There is "no way" the "catch and release" of deportable immigrants can stop under President Donald Trump's executive order to keep undocumented immigrant parents and children together, said Brandon Judd, president of the... More>>

Senate attempts new maneuver to block Turkey from getting stealth jet

US senators have launched a new effort to block the transfer of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to Turkey, a move that comes just minutes after Turkey was scheduled to receive its first jets as part of an official ceremony in... More>>

Klobuchar warns GOP senators to condemn Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar passionately warned her Republican colleagues Thursday that they need to push back forcefully against what she sees as the caustic anti-immigrant rhetoric used by President Donald Trump, who... More>>

Melania Trump's 'I really don't care. Do U?' jacket was no mistake

As she boarded a plane to head to McAllen, Texas, for a surprise visit to the heart of the family separation crisis at the southern border, Melania Trump was spotted wearing a coat with these words scrawled on the back: "I... More>>

US senators to Russia next week for congressional delegation

A group of Republican US senators will head to Russia next week, two members in the congressional delegation confirmed to CNN on Thursday. More>>

Mark Sanford strikes back after Trump's 'nasty guy' comments

Days after President Donald Trump called Rep. Mark Sanford a "nasty guy" behind closed doors at a GOP conference meeting in front of his colleagues, the South Carolina Republican says he fears Trump has fundamentally... More>>

White House proposes combining Education and Labor departments as part of massive government overhaul

The White House wants to merge the Education and Labor departments into one federal agency as part of a larger plan to restructure the government. More>>

Trump continues to mislead over border crisis after caving to pressure

President Donald Trump continued to mislead about the origin of the humanitarian crisis on the US border on Thursday, a day after caving to political pressure on the issue. More>>

Top House Democrat: Congressional Hispanic Caucus protest of Trump was 'not appropriate'

The No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives argued it was inappropriate for Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to shout at President Donald Trump when he was in the Capitol earlier this week. More>>

Ryan expects Justice Department 'compliance,' doesn't rule out contempt of Rosenstein

House Speaker Paul Ryan did not rule out Thursday holding Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in contempt of Congress, saying the House expects "compliance" with its demands for documents from the Justice Department... More>>

House narrowly passes farm bill after failure to launch last month

The House of Representatives narrowly approved a massive, five-year farm bill Thursday, a little more than a month after conservatives helped tank the bill out of frustration over a separate fight on immigration. More>>

Why the Trump Time magazine cover is so powerful

Ten days ago, at a press conference before leaving Singapore, President Donald Trump called on Time magazine reporter Brian Bennett. "Am I on the cover again this week?" Trump asked rhetorically. "Boy, have I -- so many... More>>

Another US embassy employee in Havana suffers health effects

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters another US diplomatic employee in Havana, Cuba has suffered "health effects" consistent with those previously experienced by employees at the embassy there,... More>>

Haley blasts human rights groups in blistering letter

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused more than a dozen human rights groups of sharing responsibility for the Trump administration's decision to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council,... More>>

House pushes back vote on key Republican immigration bill

House Republicans will postpone a vote on their immigration compromise legislation until Friday, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters as he left a leadership meeting Thursday afternoon. More>>

Trump defends immigration decision at Minnesota rally: 'The border is going to be just as tough'

President Donald Trump defended his decision to backtrack on the practice of separating undocumented immigrant families on the US-Mexico border at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Wednesday. More>>

The 46 most staggering lines from Donald Trump's Minnesota speech

President Donald Trump kicked off a week of campaigning in advance of the midterm election on Wednesday night in Duluth, Minnesota, delivering his now-trademark stream of consciousness speech to an adoring crowd. More>>

A look inside the places where infant and child migrants are held

One is a former hospital. Another is a retrofitted superstore. One is a tent city with the capacity to grow. More>>

Capitol Hill protests feature children with thermal blankets, sit with cages

On Capitol Hill, children donned emergency thermal blankets similar to ones handed out at border detention centers and used cages as part of a protest against the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy on immigration. More>>

Trump admin wants US Marshals to take over security for Cabinet heads

The Trump administration is looking to the already stretched-thin US Marshals Service to take over protection duties for Cabinet-level officials not already protected by typical law enforcement personnel. More>>

Trump's immigration reversal creates its own chaos

The White House is scrambling to fix the confusion and humanitarian concerns unleashed by President Donald Trump's reversal on the separation of parents and children who come across the southern border as undocumented... More>>

9-0 Ruling masks deep division on gerrymandering at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court's rejection of Democrats' challenge to districts they say were rigged on a partisan basis by Wisconsin Republicans came on a 9-0 vote, but dueling opinions revealed internal conflicts and portend... More>>

Charlottesville rally organizer requests permit for 'white civil rights rally' in Washington

The organizer of last year's deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is looking to hold a "white civil rights rally" in front of the White House in August. More>>

Trump and Putin plan to meet in mid-July

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are planning to meet around the time of Trump's trip to the UK and the NATO summit in mid-July, according to two diplomatic sources familiar with the matter. More>>

CNN Poll: Americans don't support Trump's tariffs or foreign policy

Six-in-10 Americans would rather maintain good relationships with countries that have been close allies to the US than impose tariffs to protect US industries, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS. More>>

Oops, Trump almost had a $125 billion border wall

House Republicans had to scramble late Wednesday night to fix a drafting error in a conservative immigration bill that would have accidentally given President Donald Trump $125 billion for border security, including his... More>>

Republican House member unloads on Paul Ryan in explosive floor exchange

On the eve of two major immigration votes, weeks of hard-fought negotiations took a turn with a heated blowup on the House floor between two lead negotiators. More>>

Immigration reform bills: Both options headed for failure

The House will vote on two broad immigration proposals Thursday, but barring some major shift in momentum, both of those proposals are headed toward failure. More>>

Larry Kudlow expected to return to work Monday

Larry Kudlow, director of President Donald Trump's National Economic Council, is expected to return to work Monday, two sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. He has been recovering at home after suffering a mild heart... More>>

GOP congressman criticizes seizure of reporter's records

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan criticized the seizure of a New York Times reporter's records as part of a leak investigation. More>>

Immigration judge applicant says Trump administration blocked her over politics

When the Obama administration offered Thea Lay a chance to serve as one of the nation's top immigration judges pending a successful background check, she eagerly accepted. More>>

Trump administration: Some children currently in Border Patrol custody will be reunited with parents

Customs and Border Protection is announcing a new practice aimed at keeping families apprehended at the border together following President Donald Trump's executive order. More>>

NFL players to Trump: Pardons aren't enough to address 'systemic injustice'

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump said he wants professional athletes who kneel during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice to tell him who they think the President should pardon next. More>>

House vote on immigration to test conservatives' loyalty to Trump

The House is expected to vote Thursday on the most robust piece of immigration legislation to come to the House floor in more than a decade, a dramatic showdown that will test some conservatives' loyalty to President... More>>

Obama, Biden slam Trump family separation policy as immoral

Former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both denounced the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that is contributing to the high number of children being separated from their families by the US... More>>

Why he caved: Inside Trump's rare reversal

Frustrated that even his political allies were questioning his heart, President Donald Trump determined early Wednesday he would break with days of his own misleading claims and end the practice of separating families at... More>>

US sent hundreds of separated children to New York City, but didn't tell the mayor

Hundreds of migrant children separated from their families at the southern border are in New York City. And Mayor Bill de Blasio says nobody told him they were there. More>>

How does Trump's Space Force compare to Russia and China's space capabilities?

US President Donald Trump's mooted Space Force, which he suggested will be a "separate but equal" branch of the military, is vital to maintaining a tactical advantage over geopolitical adversaries, according to analysts... More>>

Bernie Sanders: Trump thinks like an authoritarian

Sen. Bernie Sanders said President Donald Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy shows Trump is thinking like an authoritarian who believes his anti-immigrant policies will help him win votes. More>>

Despite executive order, families may not be put back together

President Donald Trump's executive order reversing course on family separations has not changed anything in terms of putting families that have already been separated back together, a government official confirmed Wednesday. More>>

What Trump's family separations executive order does

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reversed course after days of digging in on a policy that resulted in immigrant family separations at the border, signing an executive order that will keep far more families together at... More>>

Ex-CIA director condemns treatment of migrants at southern border

Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden defended the positions of US allies who have come out against US immigration practices at the Southern border. More>>

Cohen decision on cooperating with prosecutors is 'a moving target'

Michael Cohen's posture on cooperating with federal prosecutors is a "moving target" and any decision would be weeks away, according to two people familiar with the matter. More>>

Ad using audio of children in border detention centers launched by billionaire, Latino group

A progressive group funded by liberal megadonor Tom Steyer is using the audio of children crying inside a detention center near the US-Mexico border in a new seven-figure ad campaign hammering the Trump administration over... More>>

FBI: Sexual assaults on flights increasing 'at an alarming rate'

The number of sexual assaults reported during commercial airline flights is increasing "at an alarming rate," the FBI said Wednesday, and the number of actual cases could be much higher. More>>

Jeff Flake threatens to block Trump's appellate court nominees over Cuba travel, tariffs

Sen. Jeff Flake is warning that he may block votes on the nominations of all of President Donald Trump's pending appellate court nominees unless he gets favorable action on two issues unrelated to the judiciary. More>>

GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer: 'Nothing inhumane about a chain-link fence'

North Dakota's GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer volunteered support on Wednesday for chain-link fences in facilities where the government is detaining migrant children, comparing their use to playgrounds and ballparks. More>>

Despite Trump's executive order, families may never be put back together

President Donald Trump's executive order reversing course on family separations has not changed anything in terms of putting back together families that have already been separated, a government official confirmed Wednesday. More>>

There's a theme to Trump's low points as President

Donald Trump promised to build a wall and to stop Muslims from coming into the country, and a large portion of his difficulties as President have come directly from trying to deliver -- punctuated by specific and avoidable... More>>

How the Trump administration's story on family separations changed

An end to family separations at the US border may be in sight after President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to keep parents and children together. More>>

Sanford says colleagues have his back after Trump's 'nasty guy' comment

Rep. Mark Sanford has heard from a "number of colleagues" following reports that President Donald Trump called him a "nasty guy" in an immigration meeting with lawmakers. More>>

Cardinal removed from public ministry after sex abuse allegation

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who led the Archdiocese of Washington and was a political force in the nation's capital, said on Wednesday that he has been removed from public ministry by the Vatican because of a decades-old... More>>

Got powder in your carry-on? You may want to check it

If you're traveling by plane with more than 12 ounces of cosmetics powder, dry spices, protein mix or talcum, you may want to check it. More>>

Kim Jong Un ends visit to China with a message for the US

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended a celebratory visit to China's President Xi Jinping on Wednesday with tea, praise, handshakes -- and a message for the US. More>>

At Capitol Hill meeting, Trump digs at GOP member who lost his primary: He's a 'nasty guy'

President Donald Trump brought up GOP Rep. Mark Sanford's primary loss last week during a meeting on immigration Tuesday with House Republicans, according to members in the room. More>>

Petkanas: Lewandowski mocking child with Down syndrome is 'beyond the pale'

Former senior Democratic National Committee adviser Zac Petkanas said Corey Lewandowski's comments Tuesday night on Fox News mocking the tale of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome were "beyond the pale." More>>

False denials, misleading statements and faulty memories behind Trump-Russia meetings

The recent admission by Trump ally Roger Stone -- that he met a shadowy Russian figure during the 2016 campaign who offered dirt on Hillary Clinton -- felt like a spell of déjà vu. More>>

Secret Service notified after Peter Fonda's obscene tweet about Barron Trump

The United States Secret Service has been alerted in response to a tweet by actor Peter Fonda, who said Barron Trump -- President Donald Trump's youngest son -- should be separated from his mother and put "in a cage with... More>>

Michael Cohen resigns from Republican National Committee post

President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen has stepped down from a role with the Republican National Committee, multiple sources confirmed to CNN on Wednesday. More>>

GOP senators introduce legislation to stop family separation

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis announced legislation from a group of Republican senators that would stop the separation of immigrant children from their parents, according to a statement from his office that came right as Trump... More>>

Commerce Secretary denies 'unfounded allegations' of insider trading

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is rejecting "unfounded allegations" that he participated in insider trading following reports in The New York Times and Forbes scrutinizing a financial transaction he took part in involving... More>>

Melania Trump helped convince President to address family separations

First lady Melania Trump has been working behind the scenes at the White House for the past several days encouraging President Donald Trump to keep families at the US border from being separated, a White House official... More>>

CNN Poll: Support for Democrats ticks up and they retain enthusiasm advantage

Support for Democratic House candidates has ticked up slightly to 50%, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS and released Wednesday. More>>

How the White House totally botched the family separation fight

From the moment images of children being separated from their parents bubbled up in the national consciousness late last week, it became abundantly clear that something had to be done, and quickly. More>>

Senate rejects spending cuts package, a White House priority

The Senate rejected a key White House priority Wednesday when it defeated a bill to claw back about $15 billion in previously appropriated government funding. More>>

Trump reverses course, signs order to keep families together

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reversed his debunked argument that he had no authority to stop separations of undocumented immigrant families at the border, signing an executive order to keep parents and kids together. More>>

These states are pulling National Guard troops from the border until family separations end

Several governors across the country are canceling the deployment of their National Guard troops near the US-Mexico border in response to the Trump administration's practice of separating immigrant families. More>>

Michael Bloomberg to spend $80 million in 2018 to help Democrats win the House

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg intends to spend an eye-popping $80 million on the midterm elections, throwing most of his financial weight behind Democrats in their effort take control of the House of... More>>

Trump admin seeking help to fight media coverage of family separations

The Trump administration is seeking additional help to combat negative media coverage of the practice of family separation along the border More>>

Ahead of House vote, Trump lobbying effort aims to unite divided Republicans on immigration

The White House mobilized an all-out Capitol Hill lobbying blitz Wednesday afternoon in the hope of salvaging an immigration bill in the House that would give Trump his long-awaited border wall as well as a solution for... More>>

Joe Manchin leads Republican opponent in new West Virginia Senate poll

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin leads his Republican challenger Patrick Morrisey in the West Virginia Senate race, according to a Monmouth University poll released Wednesday. More>>

Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth, US ambassador says

President Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth when he visits Britain next month, the US Ambassador to the UK Robert Wood Johnson said. More>>

Comey: I support Justice watchdog report that 'ripped me'

Former FBI Director James Comey reiterated on Tuesday his support of the Justice Department inspector general's report about his conduct in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. More>>

What Donald Trump's verbal takedown of Mark Sanford reveals about him

President Donald Trump huddled with House Republicans on Tuesday night, ostensibly to rally support for the compromise immigration bill being pushed for a vote Thursday by Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP... More>>

Pope criticizes Trump administration over migrant family separations

Pope Francis has added his voice to those criticizing the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that has resulted in the separation of families at the Mexican border. More>>

Corey Lewandowski just became the sneering, sarcastic face of the family separation crisis

Corey Lewandowski, the man who managed Donald Trump's presidential campaign for more than a year and who still serves as an unofficial adviser to the President, did something breathtaking during an interview on Fox News... More>>