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Pope Francis says sorry to sex abuse victims for his comments about bishop

Pope Francis has apologized for making comments he said were hurtful to victims of clerical sex abuse. More>>

Ex-North Korean spy recounts Olympic plot to blow up plane

It was her first assignment as a North Korean secret agent. More>>

Tillerson 'concerned' at Turkey's expanding Syria offensive

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed "concern" about Turkey's offensive against Kurdish militia in northern Syria, urging restraint but stopping short of demanding an end to the operation. More>>

Mexico reports highest murder rate on record

Soaring levels of drug-related violence made 2017 Mexico's most murderous year on record, according to government statistics released Sunday. More>>

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: What is her legacy?

This is a significant year for people who believe in the limitless power of transcendent leadership to change the world. More>>

The free-for-all in Syria will make your head spin

Just when you thought Syria's long-running civil war couldn't get any more complicated -- it did. More>>

From pilgrimage to exodus: Is the end nigh for Palestinian Christians?

A church service begins in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity. More>>

George Weah sworn in as President of Liberia

Football star George Weah was sworn in as President of Liberia Monday, in the country's first democratic transfer of power for more than 70 years. More>>

UK army chief calls for extra funding amid Russian threat

The head of the British Army will warn that the country's government risks increasing its vulnerability to Russian aggression if it fails to invest further in its military infrastructure. More>>

North Korean pop star finds fame in South Korea during Games tour

The lead singer of Kim Jong Un's favorite girl band toured Seoul Monday to scout venues for North Korea's art troupe when they perform at next month's Winter Olympics. More>>

Tokyo stages missile drill as fears linger of North Korean attack

Hundreds of Tokyo residents wearing gray bibs took part in the city's first simulated missile attack since the end of World War Two, despite an apparent calming of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. More>>

Alert raised as Mount Mayon volcano spews ash, lava in the Philippines

More than 27,000 people have been evacuated in the Philippines as the country warned a hazardous volcanic eruption might be imminent. More>>

After the Kabul hotel attack, is anywhere in the Afghan capital safe?

Days before Saturday's attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, the US State Department warned of exactly such an incident. That the warning was so specific -- it noted that extremists were likely to target hotels in... More>>

Turkish attack in northern Syria threatens to ignite broader conflict

Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria against Kurdish militia opens yet another front in the seven-year Syrian conflict, and risks giving ISIS breathing room just as it was being suffocated. More>>

'The only ones who lost'

The crew gently digs around the dark, matted hair protruding from the rubble. As they pull away bits of debris, the stench of rotting flesh grows more pungent. More>>

Kabul hotel siege: Journalist describes night of terror from inside

Desperate guests threw themselves off balconies to their deaths as gunmen roamed Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel firing and throwing explosives in a deadly siege that ended Sunday, an eyewitness tells CNN. More>>

Turkey warned US ahead of Syria airstrikes, report says

Turkey warned the United States before carrying out airstrikes against U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Syria's Afrin province, Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday, according to a report by Reuters. More>>

Kabul hotel siege ends after 12 hours with 18 dead, Afghan officials say

Gunmen who raided the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul killed at least 18 people during a 12-hour standoff with security forces that ended Sunday, Afghan authorities said. More>>

German political deadlock ends as SPD votes for coalition talks with Merkel

Germany's leaders have taken a crucial step towards breaking a deadlock that has prevented the formation of a new government since elections four months ago. More>>

Gunmen launch siege at Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul

Afghan special forces traded fire Sunday morning with the remaining gunmen who attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul hours earlier, Afghanistan's TOLO news channel reported. More>>

Turkish jets hammer Syrian town to oust US-backed Kurdish militia

Turkish airstrikes pounded the Kurdish-held region of Afrin in northern Syria on Saturday, killing at least eight people, according to a statement released by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Command. More>>

How the seizure of a US spy ship by North Korea nearly sparked nuclear war

"This is it, they're taking us out here to kill us," Stu Russell thought as he trudged through the snow in the middle of the night into a dark forest. More>>

Here are the signs of the Women's March

The day after the inauguration of Donald Trump, people across the world took to the streets in protest. One year later, many have returned to the Women's March, signs in hand. More>>

Making North Korea Great Again. How realistic are Kim's ambitious new year plans?

Kim Jong Un's annual New Year's Day address is akin to the State of the Union for US Presidents. More>>

Lebanese officials: 14 Syrian refugees found frozen near border

At least 14 Syrian refugees who crossed into Lebanon were found frozen Friday in a snowy, mountainous area near the border, Lebanese Civil Defense officials said Saturday. More>>

British Airways pilot taken off plane, suspected of being drunk

A British Airways pilot was taken off a plane on suspicion of being drunk, officials said, before the aircraft took off from London's Gatwick Airport. More>>

Kidnapped Americans, Canadians rescued in Nigeria, police say

Two Americans and two Canadians who were abducted by gunmen in northern Nigeria this week have been rescued, a police official said Saturday. More>>

Renowned French chef Paul Bocuse dies at age 91

Paul Bocuse, a renowned chef credited with transforming French cuisine, has died at age 91, the French interior minister said Saturday. More>>

North Korean athletes will compete at Winter Olympics

Athletes from North Korea will participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said Saturday. More>>

UK, Canada warn tourists after violent crime in Jamaica's Montego Bay

British and Canadian authorities are warning their nationals visiting Jamaica's Montego Bay to limit their movements following a state of emergency over violence and shootings in the tourist hotspot. More>>

'The least bad option:' Germany limps toward a new government

Six hundred delegates from Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) will descend on the city of Bonn this Sunday for a special party congress. More>>

Israel and Trump: United against the world

The Israeli Prime Minister stood before a crowd of journalists, a collection of reporters from the foreign press, gathered for an annual civil New Year's toast. More>>

Trump and Africa: a missed opportunity in US President's first year?

Let's get this out of the way first: It's a bit of a misnomer to talk about "Africa" as a single entity. More>>

Turkey shells Kurds in Syria as full military offensive looms

Turkey intensified its shelling of Kurdish fighters in neighboring Syria on Friday as it ramped up threats to launch a full military offensive across the border, a move that would stoke tensions with the United States. More>>

For Russia, the sweet taste of Trump's victory has turned sour

On the night of Donald Trump's inauguration as US President, champagne corks popped in Moscow. More>>

Vladimir Putin takes dip in freezing water to mark Epiphany

Russian President Vladimir Putin stripped down to his bathing trunks in freezing temperatures Friday before immersing himself in icy waters to mark the feast of the Epiphany. More>>

North Korea plans military parade on eve of the Olympics, diplomats say

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony may not be the only parade North Korea is planning on participating in next month. More>>

String of brutal rapes shocks India

Five alleged rapes, mostly of minors, within five days in the northern Indian state of Haryana, has forced the issue of sexual violence back onto India's national agenda, provoking widespread condemnation. More>>

There's only been one female head of government in modern history who gave birth while in office

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern isn't the first prime minister to expect a baby while in office. More>>

Electricians are unearthing fascinating things as they rewire Buckingham Palace

If walls could talk, Buckingham Palace would certainly have some fascinating conversations. The headquarters of the British Monarchy is currently undergoing a 10-year electrical update, and the project is uncovering the... More>>

Woman who started France's #MeToo campaign faces lawsuit by man she accused

The woman who began France's own version of the #MeToo movement is being sued for slander by the man she accused of making lewd comments about her. More>>

Pope Francis defends Chilean bishop accused of covering up sex scandal

Pope Francis' South America trip, billed as a pilgrimage of peace and unity, has struck a controversial chord after he defended a Chilean bishop accused of covering up sexual abuse. More>>

Powerful storm wreaks havoc across western Europe

Germany and the Netherlands woke up to scenes of devastation Friday after a powerful storm flattened buildings, disrupted travel and killed at least eight people. More>>

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reveals she is pregnant

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Friday that she and her partner, Clarke Gayford, are expecting their first child in June. More>>

Massive London 'fatberg' to be turned into museum exhibit

What used to be a disgusting subterranean mass of congealed waste -- also known as a fatberg -- will soon be on display at a London museum. More>>

WikiLeaks Fast Facts

Here's a look at WikiLeaks and the trial of Chelsea Manning. More>>

Hijab-wearing model stars in L'Oréal Paris hair campaign

L'Oreal Paris is breaking barriers and making history by featuring a hijab-wearing woman in a hair campaign. More>>

Space Accidents Fast Facts

October 24, 1960 - The first space-related fatalities occur when a rocket explodes at the Soviet Union's Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan, killing 165 people, including Air Marshal Mitrofan I. Nedelin, the head of... More>>

Britain, France announce new treaty over migrants, Calais

France and Britain signed a new treaty Thursday aimed at speeding up asylum applications for migrants entitled to claim refuge in the UK. More>>

ICBM tests like India's are routine and expected. Well, most of them are.

If the world appears to be a tableau of endless ballistic missile tests of late, there is ample evidence to point to increasingly militarized nations hurling rockets across the sky. More>>

Pushback against authoritarian populism is working, human rights group says

Strong pushback against authoritarian populism in several countries, including France and Canada, has weakened its advance and is a cause for hope around the world, according to Human Rights Watch in its annual global report. More>>

A woman confesses to a killing after police spot murder weapon in her Facebook photo

On the evening of March 24, 2015, Cheyenne Antoine and Brittney Gargol posed for a selfie and posted it on Facebook before heading out for the night. More>>

India tests-fires Agni-V, a nuclear-capable ICBM

India has successfully test-fired a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the country's Defense Ministry said Thursday. More>>

Oil spill off China coast now the size of Paris

An oil spill from an Iranian oil tanker that sank in the East China Sea is now the size of Paris. More>>

Top Sunni Islam cleric says meeting Pence would 'tear up my identity'

President Donald Trump's decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was "rash and uncalculated" and represented "aggression toward people, countries, cultures and civilizations," one of Sunni Islam's highest... More>>

Pope Francis marries couple in impromptu ceremony aboard papal plane

As far as Catholic weddings go, it's pretty hard to beat being married by the Pope. On an airplane. More>>

Africa's Ivy League hopefuls tell Trump continent is 'more than poverty'

Daniel Deng lists off his college applications: "I am waiting to hear from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Amherst and Babson colleges." More>>

Zimbabwe to hold elections in 'four to five months,' president says

Zimbabwe will hold general elections in four to five months, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said, as the country enters a new era after the fall of strongman Robert Mugabe last year. More>>

Hundreds of flights scrapped as storm shuts Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

A powerful windstorm forced the Netherlands' Schiphol Airport to close temporarily on Thursday and caused airlines to cancel 320 flights in and out of the facility in Amsterdam. More>>

Turkey sees betrayal as US backs Syrian Kurds

It is the least bad of a series of pretty bad options. And it is perhaps as much about Iran as it is about Syria. More>>

US slumps in global leadership poll after Trump's 1st year

A year into Donald Trump's presidency, global confidence in US leadership has fallen to a new low, according to an opinion survey conducted across 134 countries. More>>

Snow may hide dead migrants on Alps route

Mountain guides in the Italian Alps are warning that when the snow melts there this spring they may find bodies of migrants who have been attempting to make the treacherous land crossing from Italy into France. More>>

52 Killed in Kazakhstan bus fire

Fifty-two people were killed in a passenger bus fire on Thursday in the central Asian nation of Kazakhstan. More>>

North Korea going to the Olympics: 5 things to know

With a 140-piece orchestra, 230-strong performance squad and its athletes walking under a unified Korean flag, North Korea will be hoping to grab the limelight at next month's Winter Olympics. More>>

UK to boost Calais security funding as it prepares to welcome Macron

The UK government is preparing a new £44.5 million package to bolster UK border controls in France to help tackle illegal immigration. More>>

UN Palestinian aid agency says US cuts spark worst-ever financial crisis

The UN agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees says the Trump administration's decision to cut funds to the organization has sparked its largest-ever financial crisis. More>>

Brexit bill passes final stage in House of Commons

The British government's Brexit bill passed to the next stage Wednesday after being voted through the House of Commons. More>>

Suicide blast in Nigeria leaves at least 10 dead, dozens injured

Preliminary reports indicate at least 10 people were killed after four female suicide bombers detonated explosives in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, according to a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency. More>>

US, Japan warn North Korea playing for time as talks press on

South Korea pressed ahead with talks to include its northern neighbor in next month's Winter Olympics Wednesday, but Seoul's allies are voicing concern Pyongyang may be using the talks to buy time to pursue its weapons... More>>

Sweden to publish leaflets warning citizens over potential war

Sweden is preparing to issue leaflets to 4.7 million households this spring amid growing fears it could be dragged into the perils of war. More>>

North, South Korea to march together under one flag at Winter Olympics

North and South Korean athletes will march together at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony under a unified flag, the South said Wednesday, in a diplomatic breakthrough following days of talks between the two countries. More>>

Japanese broadcaster apologizes after false North Korea missile alert

Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued an on-air apology Tuesday after issuing an alert incorrectly claiming that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile. More>>

'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' former Nazi officer denied mercy plea

A former Nazi officer known as "the bookkeeper of Auschwitz" has been told he must serve out his four-year prison sentence, despite lodging an appeal for clemency. More>>

First 'ghost ship' of 2018 washes up in Japan with dead North Koreans

Another ship bearing grim cargo has washed up on the shores of western Japan. More>>

Ex-gang members in El Salvador fear more crime if TPS ends

It's not every church service that includes homilies about Pablo Escobar and Al Capone. More>>

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed again

Hong Kong's most famous pro-democracy activist is heading back to prison. More>>

Concerns over 'premature' plan to repatriate Rohingya refugees

Concerns are mounting over a joint plan from Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate hundreds of thousands of ethnic Rohingya who fled violence in Myanmar's western Rakhine State last year. More>>

Jeddah Tower: What does the world's next tallest skyscraper look like now?

These are the images that show what will soon be known as the world's next tallest building rising from the desert. More>>

Saudi Arabia Fast Facts

Here's a look at Saudi Arabia, a large, oil-rich Middle Eastern country bordering Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia is home to Islam's... More>>

Food delivery driver sends unsolicited texts to female customer

Authorities in the UK are investigating after a food delivery service offered a £10 (roughly $14) credit to a woman who received unsolicited personal messages from a driver. More>>

Celebrity Pakistani women add voices to #MeToo movement

Three prominent Pakistani women have added their voices to the #MeToo movement in the wake of the rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl in a city in the east of the country last week. More>>

Erdogan accuses US of creating Kurdish terror enclave on Turkish border

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the US Monday of "building an army of terror" on Turkey's border with Syria, state-run news agency Anadolu reported. More>>

Emmanuel Macron vows no new 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais

French President Emmanuel Macron said France would not tolerate another "Jungle" camp being built in Calais, insisting the port town will not be used as a "side door" for migrants to gain access to the UK. More>>

Authorities work against clock to clean up oil spill off China's coast

A massive oil tanker that sank off the coast of China could affect marine life for decades, environmentalists and experts say. More>>

UAE seeks probe into alleged Qatari airspace violations

The United Arab Emirates has asked the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to investigate its claim that Qatari fighter jets intercepted two civilian aircraft on their way to Bahrain. More>>

Saudi Ritz-Carlton set to reopen after stint as lavish prison

The Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh looks set to reopen next month after the hotel was converted into a lavish prison for high-profile Saudis, detained in what the kingdom called an anti-corruption sweep. More>>

Russia's hidden world of North Korean labor

In pre-fabricated buildings, down a muddy track on the outskirts of St. Petersburg lies a world of hidden North Korean labor in Russia. More>>

Leading Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic shot dead outside office

A prominent Kosovo Serb politician, Oliver Ivanovic, was shot dead outside his party offices Tuesday morning, halting talks between Kosovar and Serb delegates that had been set to resume that day. More>>

Palestinian leaders advise suspending recognition of Israel

Palestinian leaders have called on the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to suspend its recognition of Israel just days after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas urged the group to "revise" its agreements... More>>

Danish inventor Peter Madsen charged with Kim Wall murder

A Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, has been charged with murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine, prosecutors announced Tuesday. More>>

In Syria's Idlib, a 'safe haven' that is anything but

A father's voice trembled as he remembered the moment when he thought he might have lost one of his boys. More>>

Danish police charge 1,000 young people with 'distribution of child porn'

More than 1,000 young people in Denmark have been charged with "distribution of child pornography" after sexual content featuring 15-year-olds was circulated online, Danish National Police said in a statement Monday. More>>

Philippines revokes license of Rappler, news site critical of Duterte administration

A Philippines new media company fiercely critical of the government has had its operating license revoked, in what critics say is a move to silence the press. More>>

Source: Rogue Venezuelan helicopter pilot killed by police

Oscar Perez, a Venezuelan police pilot accused of stealing a helicopter and using it to attack the country's Supreme Court in June, was killed Monday in Caracas, a government official told CNN. More>>

Floor collapses at Jakarta stock exchange, dozens injured

At least 77 people were injured in Jakarta Monday when an internal walkway inside the Indonesian Stock Exchange collapsed suddenly, causing widespread damage to the building's main lobby area. More>>

Garbage collectors open library with abandoned books

A library in Ankara gives new meaning to the notion that books are timeless. More>>

At least 10 killed in Colombia bridge collapse

At least ten people were killed Monday after a bridge collapsed near Bogota, Colombia, according to the country's Civil Defense authorities. More>>

27 Dead, dozens injured, in Baghdad double suicide bombing

At least 27 people were killed Monday in a double suicide bombing in central Baghdad, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. More>>

UAE says Qatari fighter jets intercepted two commercial flights

Tensions between Gulf neighbors Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) now appear to be playing out in the skies. More>>

Burning oil tanker sinks in the East China Sea

An oil tanker burning in the East China Sea has sunk a week after it collided with another vessel, according to Chinese state media. More>>

Philippines volcano begins spewing lava

The Philippines' most active volcano has begun erupting again, after thousands of people on the main island of Luzon were earlier forced to evacuate. More>>

Russian foreign minister berates US for 'destabilizing' world

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused the United States of destabilizing the world, airing a list of grievances over the Trump administration's foreign policy. More>>

Catherine Deneuve apologizes to assault victims after criticizing #MeToo

French actress Catherine Deneuve has apologized to sexual assault victims who may have been upset by a letter she signed in a newspaper last week arguing that the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment had spiraled out... More>>

North and South Korea meet again to discuss Winter Olympics

North and South Korea are discussing fielding a joint ice hockey team in next month's Winter Olympics, a potential first for the two countries, which have never competed under one flag at the Games. More>>

South Africa to formally protest Trump's 'shithole countries' remarks

South Africa will issue a diplomatic protest to the United States Monday over US President Donald Trump's "shithole countries" comments, according to its foreign ministry. More>>

Will Kim Jong Un's favorite band be attending the Winter Olympics?

Two weeks ago, the two Koreas weren't even talking. More>>

Police release sketch of a suspect in Pakistani girl's rape, murder

Pakistan authorities say a suspected serial killer aged between 25 and 35 years old may be responsible for the murder and rape of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari, as well as attacks on eight other girls. More>>

North Korea talks: Baby steps in a big, complex picture

High-level officials from North and South Korea are meeting again Monday -- a follow-up to last week's diplomatic breakthrough. More>>

Iran releases 440 anti-government protesters, state-run media reports

Iran has released more than 400 people detained in anti-government protests that broke out across the country in late December, state-run media reports. More>>

Qatar sheikh says UAE holding him 'in captivity'

A member of Qatar's royal family said Sunday he is being held against his will in the United Arab Emirates, a claim disputed by the UAE government, which said he is free to move as he pleases. More>>

Abbas: Abu Dis offered as Palestinian capital

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appears to have confirmed reports that the Trump administration has earmarked Abu Dis, a town adjacent to Jerusalem, as the capital of a future Palestinian state, during a... More>>

The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?

Every day, Americans throw away 500 million plastic straws, enough to circle the Earth twice, or fill 125 school buses. More>>

Iran's Rouhani says Trump 'failed' to kill off nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani mocked Donald Trump for failing to kill off the Iran nuclear deal despite the US leader's 2016 election promise to do so. More>>

Pope Francis faces tensions on South America trip

Pope Francis' trip to South America this week is supposed to be all about peace, unity and hope. But the pontiff could also be welcomed with protests, threats of violence and controversy over allegations of abuses by the... More>>

Nearly 180 people killed in Syria's Eastern Ghouta in 2 weeks

Nearly 180 people, including 51 children, have been killed in Syria's Eastern Ghouta in just over two weeks, the volunteer White Helmets rescue group said Sunday, as the government steps up its air raids on the country's... More>>

Deadly earthquake shakes southern Peru

Two people were killed when a 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook Peru on Sunday, according to a regional governor. More>>

He's from El Salvador. They're American. Trump could separate them.

Rogelio Galdamez has a worried look on his face, unsure if the home he's building will be finished in time. More>>

Israel says it destroyed mile-long Hamas tunnel

The Israeli military said Sunday it destroyed a mile-long tunnel that stretched from Gaza under Israel and into Egypt. More>>

Tunisia plans social reforms in wake of protests

Tunisia has announced a raft of social reforms following anti-austerity protests which broke out across the North African country earlier this month. More>>

Churches attacked, Chile reviews security ahead of Pope's visit

A series of attacks on Catholic churches have prompted Chilean authorities to review security ahead of Pope Francis' visit to the South American country on Monday, officials said. More>>

France's Macron wants baguettes protected by UNESCO

French President Emmanuel Macron said he wants the traditional baguette -- that delicious doughy delicacy -- to be protected as a world treasure by UNESCO. More>>

Toronto girl 'really scared' after man cuts her hijab on street

Khawlah Noman was walking to her Toronto school when a man suddenly appeared behind her and cut her hijab, police said. More>>

Tunisia protests: More than 770 arrested after days of unrest

Tunisian police have arrested more than 770 people since anti-austerity protests broke out this week in the North African country, according to state media and the UN human rights office. More>>

North Korean state media hail talks with South as path to reunification

A North Korean state newspaper is celebrating the country's leader over the resumption of face-to-face talks with the South, saying Kim Jong Un's policy to improve relations were "brilliant" for "national reunification." More>>

Murdered Pakistani girl's notebook holds poignant entry

What appears to be the final page in the notebook of Zainab Amin, the 7-year-old girl whose rape and murder has prompted outrage across Pakistan, is a poignant reminder of a life cut tragically short. More>>

This is what the Pan Am Flight 73 hijackers may look like now

Using new age-progression technology, FBI technicians created new photos of four alleged Pan Am flight 73 hijackers. The release of these photos on Thursday signaled a renewed hunt to find and convict perpetrators of the... More>>

Saudi women attend soccer match for first time

Female soccer fans in Saudi Arabia attended their first match ever Friday at the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah. More>>

'My shithole in Africa': Global reactions to Trump's comment

Alta Fourie's home in Bloemfontein, South Africa, has a perfectly manicured garden, lots of big windows and a vibrant, red tile roof. More>>

Julian Assange Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. More>>

Crown could break your neck, Queen Elizabeth says

In a rare television interview, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has shared private thoughts about her coronation, describing one of the crowns she wore at the ceremony as so heavy "your neck would break off." More>>

This little satellite will investigate a curious star and its planet

On Friday, a small satellite named PicSat launched in an attempt to make a big observation: watching an exoplanet passing in front of its star this year. More>>

Norwegians aren't likely to move to the US, even if they're welcome

During a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday, US President Donald Trump reportedly blasted a number of nations as "shithole countries." Then he turned his attention to Norway. More>>

Trump blamed Obama for the UK embassy move, but Bush made the call

President Donald Trump blamed his decision not to visit the UK on a "bad deal" cut by the Obama administration over the relocation of the US embassy in London. More>>

Tunisia protests: Why are people taking to the streets?

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in a number of Tunisian cities this week, calling for the government to scrap new austerity measures which include a hike in fuel prices and taxes on goods. More>>

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Trump 'got the message' over UK visit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Friday that US President Donald Trump had "got the message" from Londoners after canceling his visit to the city. More>>

A $1 billion glass cube: The embassy that Trump thinks is a 'bad deal'

With a price tag of $1 billion, the new US embassy in London is one of the most expensive buildings of its kind in the world. After US President Donald Trump said he was canceling his visit to London in part because of his... More>>

Merkel, Schulz reach deal for German coalition talks after all-night marathon

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her liberal rival Martin Schulz reached a preliminary deal Friday to begin coalition talks, in a breakthrough that moves the country one step closer to a new government after months of... More>>

Cache of jewels reported stolen from Paris' Ritz found -- at the scene

All the jewelry reported stolen in an audacious heist at the Ritz Hotel in Paris has been recovered, a source close to the case has told CNN. More>>

Alleged breach of India's biometric database could put more than a billion users at risk

The Indian government has announced new security measures following reports of an alleged security breach in the country's vast biometric database, which contains the personal details of 1.2 billion Indian citizens. More>>

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Fast Facts

Here is a look at Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. More>>

Protests erupt over rape, murder of 7-year-old girl in Pakistan

Protesters marched for a second day Thursday in the Pakistani city of Kasur over the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl whose body was found dumped on a garbage pile. More>>

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted Ecuadorian citizenship

Ecuador has granted citizenship to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Ecuador's Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced Thursday. More>>

Ethiopia bans foreign adoption

Ethiopia has banned the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families, according to the country's state-run News Agency ENA, citing concerns over abuse. More>>

Ingredients for life found in meteorites that crashed to Earth

Although two 4.5-billion-year-old meteorites crashed to Earth in 1998, it's taken until now to uncover some of their secrets. More>>

Benue killings: Mass burial held for dozens killed in New Year's day attacks

A mass burial was held on Thursday for 72 people killed in fighting between nomadic herdsmen and farmers in central Nigeria. More>>

Scientists discover species of dinosaur the size of a turkey

Scientists have discovered a species of dinosaur that roamed between Australia and Antarctica 113 million years ago. More>>

State Department slaps 5 Mexican states with 'do not travel' advisory

Mexico -- long a destination for world-class museums, archeological sites and beach resorts -- now has five states tagged with the US State Department's most severe travel warning. More>>

Animal rights groups are upset at the Pope for inviting people to the circus

About 2,000 homeless people and refugees will attend a circus performance in Rome Thursday, courtesy of Pope Francis. More>>

Why Germany still doesn't have a new government, four months after vote

Four months after Germans went to the polls, the country still doesn't have its new government in place. And Thursday may be the last chance for Chancellor Angela Merkel to strike a deal or face the prospect of a new... More>>

Europe urges Trump to honor Iran nuclear deal

Senior European diplomats have urged the United States not to kill off the Iran nuclear deal, as President Donald Trump mulls whether to reimpose sanctions on the country ahead of a Friday deadline. More>>

Thieves steal millions in jewels from Paris' Ritz Hotel

A gang of thieves armed with axes burst into the Ritz Hotel in central Paris, smashed their way into a set of jewelery display cases and stole at least 4 million euros ($4.8 million) worth of gems, police said. More>>

Tunisia protests: Hundreds arrested after fourth night of unrest

Tunisian police have arrested 328 people after four nights of anti-austerity protests, Interior Ministry spokesman Col. Major Khelifa Chibani told state news agency TAP on Thursday. More>>

Iran's protests might stop Trump from scrapping nuclear deal

The theater and flourish may again soon pass. More>>

Nigel Farage says he might support a second Brexit referendum

Nigel Farage, the most prominent campaigner for Britain to leave the European Union, says he is warming to the idea of a second Brexit referendum. More>>

Why South Africa is laying a welcome mat for Muslim visitors

With more than one million visitors in 2016, Cape Town already ranks highly among the most popular destinations in Africa. More>>

Check out this 'Independence Day' style cloud over Sydney

A scene from an apocalyptic movie appeared over Sydney on Tuesday evening. More>>

Myanmar military admits role in killing Rohingya found in mass grave

Myanmar has said members of its security forces were involved in the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslims found in a mass grave last month in Rakhine State, where the country's military has been accused of ethnic cleansing. More>>

Rakhine ambush could mark new phase for Rohingya insurgency

Rohingya militants have claimed responsibility for an ambush on Myanmar security forces that injured five, a sign the group may be reasserting itself after a long silence. More>>