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CNN boss Jeff Zucker may be in mix for ESPN job

Is there a chance Jeff Zucker could jump from one iconic media brand, CNN, to another, ESPN? More>>

InTouch's Stormy Daniels interview: The rare unflattering tabloid story for President Trump

When In Touch Weekly published an interview this week with a porn actress who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump, it created another firestorm for the White House to put out. More>>

Twitter to tell 677,775 people they interacted with Kremlin-linked trolls

Twitter will inform nearly 700,000 people in the U.S. that they either followed a Kremlin-linked troll account, or retweeted or liked a tweet sent by one of the accounts, the social media company said Friday. More>>

Los Angeles Times publisher on leave amid investigation

The CEO and publisher of the Los Angeles Times is on an unpaid leave while under investigation by the paper's parent company, Tronc, following an NPR report about what it said was "questionable behavior" in his past. More>>

Facebook to rank news outlets by trustworthiness

Facebook wants to make sure its users aren't duped by stories from untrustworthy news publications. So it's asking users which news publications they trust. More>>

Here's what the last government shutdown looked like

About 850,000 federal employees were sent home, with a total of 6.6 million work days lost. More>>

Tide Pods: P&G's big innovation gone wrong

People keep eating one of Procter & Gamble's most successful innovations in years: Tide Pods. More>>

Fed official appointed by Trump lays out plan for easing bank rules

The Federal Reserve's regulatory czar laid out his plans Friday to relax regulations on Wall Street banks. More>>

This was GE's worst week since the Great Recession

The last time General Electric had a week this terrible, the Dow was below 7,000. More>>

Los Angeles Times employees vote to form union

The newsroom employees of the Los Angeles Times have voted to form a union for the first time ever amid growing turmoil at the storied paper. More>>

Feds file charges in two cryptocurrency fraud cases

The federal government is continuing to clamp down on the fast-moving market for cryptocurrencies, charging two bitcoin traders with fraud on Thursday. More>>

Donald Trump Jr. to host Trump Tower buyers from India

Buyers who sign up early for new Trump-branded apartments in India are being given the chance to meet with Donald Trump Jr. More>>

Delta flies 250,000 service animals a year. Now the rules are changing

Boarding a Delta flight with your service pooch is about to get tougher. More>>

What happens at Davos?

Thousands of the world's richest and most powerful people are preparing for a pilgrimage to Davos. More>>

Reality show crew allegedly tried to sneak fake bomb past airport security

Nine members of a reality TV production crew were arrested Thursday at Newark International Airport after allegedly trying to sneak an "inert device" through security. More>>

Amazon's HQ2: Experts reveal their predictions

The race is on: Amazon has announced its list of 20 cities that are finalists to host its second headquarters. But who will -- and who should -- win? CNN Opinion teamed up with CNNMoney to ask experts and thinkers for... More>>

African nations set to approve huge free trade deal

The African continent is on the cusp of something big. More>>

Corporate America's nightmare in Venezuela is getting worse

Venezuela has more crude oil than any other nation. But the crisis there is so bad that even oil companies are losing big money. More>>

Amazon hikes the price of Prime monthly memberships by 18%

Amazon Prime is about to get more expensive for anyone with a monthly subscription. More>>

Coke: We'll recycle one can or bottle for every one we sell

Coca-Cola is pledging to keep more of its cans and bottles out of landfills. More>>

Look out Red Bull. Monster is flying

Monster is beating Red Bull at home and aiming to cut its rival's lead overseas. More>>

$6 Million in chips stolen in Wynn casino heist

Wanted: $6 million in missing gaming chips. Last seen: The lavish Wynn casino in Macau. More>>

Forget bitcoin. Here come the blockchain ETFs.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all the rage with investors -- even as their prices have taken some big hits lately. More>>

U.S. could become world's biggest oil producer in 2018

The United States could soon be pumping more oil than any country on earth. More>>

Germany has a shortage of workers. Can refugees help?

Years of robust growth and rising employment is causing a problem in Germany: Companies can't fill jobs. More>>

Three Amazon finalists are inside the Beltway. What gives?

On Thursday morning, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce held a regional conference with a panel full of local economic development officials. Ten minutes before the event started, they were given some welcome news:... More>>

Why you need to budget weekly (not monthly)

Sometimes it can feel like you've got a lot of balls in the air, money-wise. In the midst of all this juggling, how long can you keep your eye on your budget? More>>

Boston is top pick to win Amazon's HQ2 on Irish gambling site

An Irish gambling site now has Boston as the top contender to win Amazon's second headquarters. More>>

It's a showdown for pickup trucks

Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler all unveiled new pickup trucks in Detroit. It was a resounding reminder that, while everyone talks about electric and self-driving cars, for now the big profits are still in pickup... More>>

Amazon HQ2 cities: Here are some of the biggest snubs

Detroit. Charlotte. Birmingham. San Antonio. More>>

These countries offer the most generous maternity leave

The amount of maternity leave women are entitled to varies wildly around the world. More>>

HSBC to pay over $100 million for cheating clients

Europe's biggest bank is coughing up cash yet again over its past misdeeds. More>>

Airbus A380: Will $16B Emirates order save the superjumbo?

Emirates may have just saved the Airbus A380. More>>

Shutdown looms; IBM drops; Schlumberger earnings

1. Shutdown looms: There is a very real possibility that the United States government will be forced to shut down at midnight. More>>

IBM's sales grew for the first time in 5 years

IBM has finally broken its years-long losing streak More>>

Manhattan DA executes search warrant at Newsweek Media Group

Investigators with the Manhattan's District Attorney's office raided the headquarters of Newsweek Media Group, the parent company of Newsweek and the International Business Times, on Thursday. More>>

Apple and Amazon are expanding. Here's the rest of the story

Two of the world's biggest tech companies are teasing possible U.S. expansions. More>>

Tesla's Model 3 to debut in East Coast showrooms

Tesla is going to exhibit its electric car for the people, the Model 3, at five showrooms in four states so the customers who ordered it might actually get a chance to see it up close. More>>

Why Amazon is buying 210 acres near a Kentucky airport

All eyes are on the 20 cities named finalists in Amazon's search for its second headquarters, but that's not the only big expansion the company is undertaking. More>>

America's biggest businesses are standing by their Dreamer employees

After the Trump administration announced it was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Daniella Vieira was so afraid she emailed the CEO of Johnson & Johnson and asked him to take a stand. More>>

What you need to know about Amazon's 20 final cities

Amazon announced 20 finalists in the United States and Canada to host its second headquarters on Thursday. More>>

American Express posted a net loss for the first time in 25 years

American Express just posted its first net loss since 1992. More>>

Consumer protection bureau drops payday lender lawsuit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Thursday dropped a lawsuit against four payday lenders. It's yet another clue the agency may be reversing course under President Trump's interim director Mick Mulvaney. More>>

GE's $31 billion pension nightmare

John Flannery, the man hired to fix General Electric, inherited a $31 billion ticking time bomb when he replaced longtime CEO Jeff Immelt last year. More>>

Apple and Google charter buses vandalized on highway

Buses carrying Apple and Google employees to and from work in the San Francisco Bay Area have been the target of flying objects. More>>

Wells Fargo billing glitch infuriates customers

A Wells Fargo glitch drained some customer accounts by double-paying their bills online. More>>

Amazon picks 20 finalists for its second headquarters

Amazon has released a "short" list of cities it's considering for its second headquarters. More>>

IRS collects billions in pot taxes, much of it in cash

The way Zach Lazarus pays his taxes is different than most people. More>>

Abercrombie is rolling out gender-neutral children's clothes

Abercrombie & Fitch is launching a line of gender-neutral children's clothes. More>>

Nintendo's latest video game devices are made of cardboard

Nintendo is going low-tech for its newest line of video game accessories. More>>

$1.2 Million worth of rare wine stolen from Goldman exec

A former personal assistant to Goldman Sachs president David Solomon has been charged with stealing $1.2 million worth of rare wine from his boss. More>>

Big companies used to pay the best wages. Not anymore

Whether or not tax reform was the cause, Walmart's decision last week to raise its minimum wage and offer bonuses was a big deal. More>>

Facebook adds first black board member: American Express' Kenneth Chenault

Facebook is adding American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault to its board. More>>

Ian Bremmer: Why Trump is going to Davos

Ian Bremmer is the president of Eurasia Group and author of Superpower: Three Choices for America's Role in the World. He is on Twitter @ianbremmer. More>>

Boeing is the market's darling

Boeing is one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street. More>>

Tim Cook: Next iPhone update will let you disable intentional slowdown

You will be soon able to opt out of Apple intentionally slowing down your iPhone's performance. More>>

Why you probably won't have to pay the AMT again

Under the new federal tax law, the number of tax filers hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax will drop by 96%. More>>

Nestle is making a pink KitKat from ruby chocolate

KitKat fans are about to get their first taste of ruby chocolate. More>>

Here are the top 20 cities for Amazon HQ2

After months of waiting, Amazon revealed its not-so-short list of possible cities for its second headquarters. More>>

Tide Pod Challenge: YouTube is removing 'dangerous' videos

YouTube and Facebook are trying to stop the spread of the Tide Pod Challenge, a bizarre and dangerous phenomenon in which social media users eat laundry detergent packets on camera. More>>

China GDP; U.S. shutdown threat; IBM earnings

1. China flexes: The world's second-largest economy grew 6.9% last year, beating analyst expectations. More>>

Most Americans can't cover a $1,000 emergency

Life happens: A broken-down car. A leaky roof. A broken bone. More>>

Solar panels: A fight with China that Trump may want to avoid

President Trump has a chance to hurt China on trade this month -- but he could end up hurting U.S. jobs, too. More>>

Meet the woman bringing lunchtime dating to Asian cities

For career-focused singletons struggling to find love, lunchtime dating could be the answer. More>>

Apple: We'll pay $38B in taxes and add 20,000 jobs in the U.S.

Apple just made a bunch of big promises to the American economy. More>>

Voice assistants are coming to some very weird places

Have you ever looked at your toilet and thought, "I wish I could just shout 'Flush!' instead of pressing a lever?" More>>

Rupert Murdoch recovering at home after painful back injury

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is recuperating at home after injuring his back earlier this month while on holiday with his wife Jerry Hall. More>>

Big tech defends handling of extremist content in Senate hearing

It's Silicon Valley vs. Washington, take two. More>>

Ford just had its worst day in a year and a half

Ford isn't happy with its performance. Investors aren't, either. More>>

Facebook to look again for evidence of Russian meddling in Brexit

Facebook is expanding its investigation into potential Russian meddling in Britain's vote on membership in the European Union. More>>

Trump averages a 'fake' insult every day. Really. We counted.

President Trump has used the word "fake" more than 400 times since he was inaugurated. More>>

Red-hot Dow closes above 26,000 for the first time

The stock market is on fire. The Dow just zoomed another 300 points and closed above 26,000 for the first time. More>>

NFL divisional playoff ratings take a hit, but there are some catches

The NFL saw its ratings fall yet again last weekend for its divisional playoff round, but there are some asterisks involved in the comparisons to last year's slate of playoff games. More>>

H&M hires diversity manager

H&M has appointed a diversity manager after dealing with the fallout from using a black child to advertise a hoodie with the slogan "coolest monkey in the jungle." More>>

American businesses can't find workers

American businesses big and small increasingly have the same problem: They can't find workers. More>>

Samsung unveils special edition Galaxy Note 8 only for Olympians

Even if Olympic athletes don't walk away with a medal, they'll get a shiny new Samsung smartphone. More>>

Katie Couric returns to NBC to co-host the Olympics

Katie Couric will return to the Olympics next month. More>>

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: What Washington may do to Dreamers is 'cruel'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg are urging Congress to pass legislation protecting American immigrants known as Dreamers. More>>

Frenemies with benefits: A brief history of the Trump-Murdoch relationship

Donald Trump's presidency has been shaped by the ever-changing relationships inside the White House. But it's Trump's rapport with an individual outside the administration that could prove to be the most pivotal. More>>

5 Things Barnes & Noble can do right now to save itself

It seems like Barnes & Noble has been on its final chapter for years. More>>

Electric bicycles emerge as a hot trend in the U.S.

After a brutal horseback riding accident, Joseph Marino Jr. felt like his freedom was gone. His days of giving horseback tours seemed over. More>>

Allbirds is shaking up footwear with machine-washable wool shoes

Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown came up with the idea for his shoe company after hanging up his soccer cleats. More>>

Goldman Sachs is Wall Street's big loser

Goldman Sachs can't catch a break. More>>

The economy is doing great. Here's what could derail it

The economy has been quiet for months now. Maybe ... too quiet. More>>

'Today' executive producer stepping down

Don Nash, a veteran of NBC's "Today" who has been the morning show's executive producer for the past five years, is stepping down. More>>

Thought 2017 was bad? 2018 could be much worse

Could things be worse? Yes, yes they could. More>>

Walmart is giving away free opioid disposal kits

Walmart is trying to help curb America's opioid crisis. More>>

The Root's Danielle Belton: 'We were going to fully embrace being black'

The Root has a lot to celebrate when it turns 10 years old this month. Billed as a "highbrow, political alternative" to magazines like Ebony when it launched in 2008, The Root has since managed to succeed in ways other... More>>

Should I buy an annuity if my adviser says it's a bad idea?

I have roughly $1 million in retirement savings and plan to retire in few years. I won't have a company pension, so the idea of devoting maybe a third or so of my savings to an annuity to create guaranteed income that can... More>>

Ann Curry 'not surprised' by allegations against Matt Lauer

Ann Curry says she's "not surprised" by the sexual misconduct allegations against her former "Today" co-anchor Matt Lauer. More>>

Saudi Arabia gives $2 billion to Yemen as mass famine looms

After years fighting Iran-backed rebels in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is handing over billions of dollars to its war-torn neighbor to prevent economic collapse and an even deeper humanitarian crisis. More>>

Tiffany had a good holiday season, but it's worried about 2018

Tiffany had a good Christmas, but it's worried the merriment won't continue into the new year. More>>

Trump's India partner sees 'overwhelming' interest in apartments

Apartments carrying the Trump brand are selling like hotcakes on the outskirts of India's capital. More>>

'Safety net' hospitals face federal budget cuts

A double whammy of federal budget cuts might force many hospitals, particularly those that serve poor or rural communities, to scale back services or even shut their doors. More>>

North Korea linked to new cryptocurrency attacks

North Korea-linked hackers targeted cryptocurrency investors and exchanges just as bitcoin started to soar to record highs, according to a new report. More>>

Reagan and Bush economic adviser says stocks are due to fall

Martin Feldstein, one of the most influential Republican economists of the last 40 years, is warning that the stock market is poised to plunge. More>>

Bank earnings; Carillion contagion fears; Burberry drops

1. Bank earnings: Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will report quarterly results ahead of the open. More>>

YouTube assigning workers to review videos to avoid another Logan Paul-type disaster

In the wake of the Logan Paul controversy, YouTube is trying to reassure advertisers by pledging to "manually review" a significant chunk of the videos on its website. More>>

CFPB says it will reconsider its rule on payday lending

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken the first step to killing or revising the payday lending rule it finalized only a few months ago. More>>

Trump hotels swarmed with 's***hole' reviews on Yelp

Five days ago, the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC had an average Yelp rating of 4 out of 5 stars. As of today, that average had dropped two full stars after hundreds of reviews describing the hotel as a... More>>

More than 20 states sue to stop FCC's net neutrality repeal

The future of how the internet is regulated could be decided in court. More>>

How New York's governor wants to get around the SALT cap

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the federal government just lobbed an "economic missile" at New York by limiting tax filers' state and local tax deduction. More>>

GE could break itself apart as cash crisis deepens

General Electric, once America's most successful conglomerate, could break itself apart. More>>

Bitcoin sinks 20%

Bitcoin tumbled about 20% Tuesday. More>>

Fox News shelved story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election

Fox News had a story at the height of the presidential election that detailed an alleged sexual relationship between porn actress Stephanie Clifford -- whose stage name is "Stormy Daniels" -- and Donald Trump, but opted... More>>

Dow 26,000: The stock market is a runaway freight train

Seven trading days. That's how long it took the Dow to rocket from 25,000 to 26,000. More>>

Mercedes finally updates 40-year-old SUV. But you might not notice

The antique look of the Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV is a big part of its rugged charm. So much so, in fact, that even though the 2019 version is completely new, Mercedes designers have made sure it still looks old. More>>

Nestle selling U.S. candy brands to Nutella company

Nestle is selling nearly $3 billion worth of its U.S. candy brands, including Butterfinger, BabyRuth and Nerds, to Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, according to the companies. More>>

Contraceptive app under fire for unwanted pregnancies

A contraceptive app is under fire after more than three dozen users experienced unplanned pregnancies. More>>

GE takes a $6 billion hit from its financial business

General Electric can't escape its troubled past. More>>

Killing NAFTA would cost 300,000 American jobs, analysis says

If President Trump tears up NAFTA, you'll notice the impact. More>>

PBS series to explore charting course for #MeToo movement

PBS will explore issues surrounding sexual harassment and assault -- with an emphasis on a path forward -- in a five-part series titled "#MeToo, Now What?," scheduled to premiere in February. More>>

Wall Street titan to CEOs: It's not just about the money

Larry Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, has a message for major companies: Do more to help society. More>>

Google plans to expand undersea cables

The fight for the cloud is taking place under the ocean. More>>

A bond sell-off could be 'Armageddon' for the market

The stock market keeps hitting record highs because of a potent cocktail of strong earnings and solid global economic growth. The corporate tax cut is a nice little chaser. More>>

Here's what Americans are spending on weddings

It's no secret that weddings aren't cheap. More>>

'Emoji Movie' and popcorn: The cinema experience returns to Saudi Arabia

Hollywood fans in Saudi Arabia are getting a taste of things to come. More>>

How a refugee created 3,500 jobs in Britain

Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia knows the power of immigration. More>>

The importance of having women on professional stages

People call them "manels" -- an all-male panel seen at conferences or work events, discussing everything from technology to health care to (ironically) gender equality. More>>

Supermarket chain to ban plastic packaging within 5 years

Is this the beginning of the end for plastic? More>>

Ford's most powerful street car ever: New 700 horsepower Mustang

The new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will have over 700 horsepower, making it be the most powerful street-legal production car the company has ever made. More>>

Millions more Americans were uninsured in 2017

Millions more Americans were uninsured at the end of 2017, the first increase since the Affordable Care Act went into effect. More>>

McDonald's is going green

McDonald's has pledged to make its packaging and restaurants more Earth-friendly. More>>

America is missing out on a tourism boom

The United States is missing out on a major tourism boom. More>>

Citigroup reports virtually no gap in gender or racial pay

Citigroup says its female employees are paid 99% of what their male coworkers make, but the company says it's working to close the pay gap. More>>

Google app matches your face to a famous painting

Are you more of a Botticelli or a Van Gogh? More>>

With CHIP funds running low, doctors and parents scramble to cover kids' needs

Dr. Mahendra Patel, a pediatric cancer doctor, has begun giving away medications to some of his patients. He's determined not to disrupt their treatments for serious illnesses, like leukemia, should Congress fail to come... More>>

Airbnb now lets you pay less up front for your rental

Airbnb is trying to make paying for trips more flexible. More>>

Global stocks boom: Hong Kong hits record closing high

Hong Kong is joining the global stock market party. More>>

Dow near 26,000; BP losses; U.S. dollar weakness

1. Dow 26,000: U.S. markets appear to be headed for a strong open on Tuesday. More>>

Computers are getting better than humans at reading

The robots are coming, and they can read. More>>

Amid criticism over Aziz Ansari piece, Babe editor stands by story

Amid all the debate over an anonymous woman's account of a sexual encounter with Aziz Ansari, the editors at Babe.net who published the story have remained quiet. More>>

Venezuela president offers pregnant women $3.83 a month

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is giving pregnant women a little extra cash. More>>

Why you'll want to double check your paycheck in February

You've probably heard by now that the new tax reform bill will hit your paycheck as soon as February. But the change may not accurately reflect your ultimate tax bill. More>>

CVS vows to stop altering the images it uses to sell beauty products

CVS wants women to be able browse for lipstick and moisturizer without worrying whether their lips are full enough or their forehead is smooth enough. More>>

'West Wing' stars to hold one night only reading of 'All the President's Men'

Actors from one of the most famous political television shows of all time will read one of the most famous political stories of all time. More>>

Will U.S. shale ruin the oil party (again)?

Crude oil is hotter this year than the Dow, the Nasdaq and even bitcoin. More>>

This desert reservoir could fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools

The oil rich-emirate of Abu Dhabi is storing a vital resource in the desert: water. More>>

Ford brings back the Ranger

The Ford Ranger is back. More>>

Why the U.S. dollar isn't so mighty anymore

It's been a tough start to 2018 for the greenback. More>>

What to do when your boss is a bully

Your boss is terrorizing you -- but not in the way that's been making headlines lately. More>>

Ford announces the Mach 1: A high-performance electric SUV

Ford said it plans to start selling an all-electric high-performance SUV in 2020 called the Mach 1. More>>

The Oprah effect: The many careers she helped launch

You get a career! You get a career! You get a career! More>>

Bozoma Saint John: I'm on a 'personal mission' to help fix Uber

Bozoma Saint John isn't going to save Uber from its corporate culture problems. More>>

ICE pledges immigration crackdown on businesses. Here's what it looks like

Last summer, roughly 800 undocumented workers at Cloverhill Bakery in Chicago were let go after immigration agents discovered that many of them had used fake or stolen papers to secure their jobs. More>>

Honda Accord wins Car of the Year

The Honda Accord won Car of the Year on Monday at the Detroit Auto Show. More>>

New York City to Exxon: Pay up for climate change costs

New York City delivered a powerful blow to the fossil fuel industry by launching a climate change lawsuit against the biggest oil companies and promising to dump billions of dollars of fossil fuel stocks. More>>

SoftBank may split in two to focus on tech bets

Masayoshi Son made a name for himself with blockbuster bets on companies like Alibaba and Uber. But the next big move by the billionaire founder of SoftBank could be much closer to home. More>>

Construction firm with 43,000 employees collapses

A major British construction company is going into liquidation after failing to secure a financial lifeline. More>>

Vogue publisher drops Bruce Weber and Mario Testino over misconduct allegations

Conde Nast is cutting ties with two famous fashion photographers, Bruce Weber and Mario Testino, after The New York Times published disturbing allegations about both men. More>>

Reuters chief says journalists jailed in Myanmar need the public

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler says two journalists facing 14 years in a Myanmar prison need the public's attention. More>>

White House attacks WSJ over Trump interview

Did President Trump say "I have" or "I'd have?" More>>

Don't be fooled. Wall Street, not Main Street, is the big tax winner

1. Main Street vs. Wall Street: President Trump has promised that the tax overhaul will be "fantastic for the middle-income people" of America. More>>

Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey are off Disney's board

Two high profile tech executives are leaving Disney's board of directors over potential conflicts of interest. More>>

Bill Murray debuts his Steve Bannon on 'SNL'

Steve Bannon is no longer a grim reaper on "Saturday Night Live." More>>

H&M closes all its stores in South Africa after protests

H&M stores across South Africa were shuttered Saturday. Local media reported that destructive protesters had swarmed several locations. More>>

James O'Keefe says Trump asked him to go on birther-linked mission

Donald Trump in 2013 asked James O'Keefe, the controversial conservative filmmaker, if he could "get inside" Columbia University and obtain President Obama's sealed college records, according to a passage in O'Keefe's... More>>

Airbus built a lot of planes for China last year - but can't deliver them

Airbus needs China's blessing on its newest jetliners. And without it, undelivered planes are piling up at its factories in France and Germany. More>>

20-Year-old Florida man claims $450 million lottery jackpot

A 20-year-old in Florida has hit the jackpot. More>>

Viacom, CBS up amid merger discussions

Shares in Viacom and CBS jumped Friday after a report that the sibling media companies might be reunited once again. More>>

Chris Matthews apologizes for making joke about 'Bill Cosby pill'

MSNBC host Chris Matthews apologized Friday after video footage surfaced showing him making a racy joke prior to an interview with Hillary Clinton. More>>

Chris Cillizza: Oprah is following the path of 'a very traditional candidate'

Oprah Winfrey is a media mogul who is starting to act like a politician. More>>

Kentucky is first state ever to require Medicaid recipients to work

Kentucky will now require many of its Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits, the first time ever a state has been permitted to impose such a provision. More>>

The new Facebook News Feed is rattling Wall Street

Facebook's changes to your News Feed are rattling Wall Street. More>>

Mark Zuckerberg is fighting to save Facebook

If there's one thing Mark Zuckerberg has consistently excelled at as Facebook's CEO, it's destroying his enemies. More>>

Retailers: Best holiday shopping season since '10

A very tough year for retailers ended better than they could have ever expected. More>>

Patch for Spectre, Meltdown causing problems in older chips

Intel said Thursday its patches for vulnerable processors are causing some computers using its older chips to reboot more often. More>>