Lost Fans Gather For Final Episode

Anxious Fans Hope For Answers

 UPDATED 5:43 AM HST May 24, 2010

Fans fed their appetites at The Counter, as they devoured the final episode of Lost.

?I just want to know what?s going on with everybody. What?s going to happen it?s been leading up to this moment and I want to see how it ends,? said Manisha Gautami.

One of the Kahala restaurants owners is Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim.

?He?s brought a great vibe to the restaurant, where we have the cast and crew coming and we?ve had tourists come from all countries all over to try our restaurant,? said co-owner Eddie Robles.

Sunday evening?s menu offered cold beer featured on the television show.

?There?s just nothing like it. I?ve never watched a TV show that?s as good and as intriguing as this show,? said Justin Okamoto.

Lost fans watched the series finale and said they hoped to gain closure.

?I want to know if Lockes going to die,? said Josh Nelson of Ewa Beach.

?What I would like to have answered is basically Hurley, I want to see what?s going on him,? said John Fleener.

Lost fans said they would miss the diversity of the cast.

?Kate, definitely got to be Kate. She?s got to be one of the coolest chicks in the world,? said Nelson.

?Sawyer, I like him a lot. ??I think he?s cute,? said Gautami.

Although fans said they enjoyed all six seasons of Lost, they don?t expect to see a spin-off.

?I don?t think they could really do a spin-off with this show because I think it?s just perfect the way it is,? said Okamoto.

?To many questions, once it finally done I?ll be ready for a break,? said Nelson.

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